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This dispatch contains the rules and information about roleplay. Please address all questions and corrections to Bassiliya or Peraro Krotoik.


So you want to roleplay? No problem! To get started, you'll need to do a few, simple things. First, you will need to set up a space on the Regional Map. Once you've done that and the map has been updated with your claim, you'll need to fill out a Roleplay Statistics Chart and pop it into a dispatch. Instructions on how to fill that out and how to post a dispatch can be found on that dispatch. Once you have done that, you're ready to get involved in roleplay!


Where to Roleplay?
Roleplaying takes place on two platforms: our Discord server and our Forum. More extensive and detailed roleplay should take place on the forum while the Discord has more character and smaller roleplay. Both can be used for both Macro (large) and Micro roleplay. On the Discord, use the command ">request Roleplay" to get access to the roleplay channels. On the forum, you will be masked as a citizen, giving you access to the roleplay forums. Let us know if you have any questions!

Roleplaying Rules
There are a few rules about roleplay that all RPers should read and follow.

1. No Godmodding. This is an overall term for being invincible, untouchable, or unreasonable in roleplay. For example, if someone fires a volley of arrows at your troops, having them duck all the arrows and not have reasonable losses is Godmodding. Godmodding also includes avoiding (or nearly avoiding) damage, attacks, interactions, or other reasonable consequences of other players' actions. Just be reasonable about your roleplaying.

2. No Power-Playing. Power-Playing is attempting to control nations, reactions, thoughts, or any other thing that is not yours to control. If it ain't yours, keep your hands off.

3. Do not violate Player Soverignity. This goes along with Power-Playing. Player Sovereignty is where each RPer has complete control over their nation, government, etc. Land changes, government flipping, or declarations of war are all under each player's control. Any action taken against another roleplayer must be cleared with that roleplayer.

4. No Meta-Tech. Meta-tech is any technology or invention that does not fit with the roleplay era our region exists in. For reference, our regional RP is confined to a High Medieval setting. Any tech that doesn't match up with around that time period will not be permitted. However, alternate tech styles that fit in the era of Late Medieval and are feasibly similar to that level are perfectly acceptable.

5. No Magic. Pretty straightforward. While no actual "magic" is allowed, you are permitted to have your people believe in or "practice" magic. This rule extends to races and creatures as well. Any deviation from normal, average human beings must be approved by the moderators.

6. Respect the moderators and other roleplayers. Being polite and respectful to the other players and moderators, or you may end up being banned from roleplay. Moderators will not tolerate constant arguing, bickering, and fighting over roleplay things. In addition, arguing with moderators will not be tolerated at all; repeat offenders may be removed permanently from roleplay.

NPC Rules
We have a few Non-Player Characters (or Countries). These are Kuhin, Selt, and Prefencia. These nations are under the control of the RP Moderators, who may make use of them to advance RP and make it interesting. Players may not declare war or directly annex any of the NPCs, but they may influence them through politics, trade deals, and other actions. NPCs may be used in RPs as secondary or supporting characters when requested by a player. However, players are not guaranteed participation of or with an NPC. NPCs are also extended to CTE'd nations, designated by the moderators. These nations are available for normal roleplaying.

If you would like to interact with an NPC contact an RP moderator with a plan of what you would like to have happen. If you are wanting to invade or have an NPC participate in a war, please open the spoiler below and send the contained form via TG or Discord to an RP moderator.

**NPC War Form**

Roleplay nation name:
NPC name:
Roleplay date range:
Casus Belli:
Map of Claims (if any):

Discord Posting Rules

1. Posts on Discord are subject to normal posting content rules and roleplay rules.

2. Posts should be made in the appropriate channel. Character-to-character roleplay and other small-scale roleplaying should be posted in #micro_roleplay. All large-scale posts, such as news posts and one-time posts, should be posted in #macro_roleplay. Micro posts must make use of reactions to differentiate between separate roleplays. Macro posts must make use of bold headers to identify the post with a particular roleplay.

3. All out-of-character posts must be posted in #out-of-character_chat.

RMB Posting Rules

1. Posts on the RMB are subject to normal posting content rules and roleplay rules.

2. RP RMB posts must be posted on the Thegye Roleplay region RMB. Posts on the Thegye RMB will be suppressed and not considered canon.

3. RP RMB posts must make use of headers to identify the post it belongs to. RP RMB posts must fall under the "macro" designation.

4. RP RMB posts must be substantial. Posts that are simply one line of dialogue or other such posts will be suppressed and not considered canon.

5. RPers may not double post on the RMB within the same day. Posts may be edited to add or remove content.

6. Out-of-character posts may not be made on the RP RMB. Any OOC information must be designated as such with [[double brackets]].

Guidelines and Best Practices
Just a few short helpful guidelines to get you started and on your way to a fun and engaging RP.
-If you RP on the forum, try to have both a topic for your in-character posts and out-of-character posts. There are two different categories for them.
-When you start a roleplay, always establish a year or timeframe.
-It's a good idea to get a few active RPers interested in your roleplay, as well as setting a plot and outcome before you begin.
-It's a good idea to get started with a Factbook or Wiki about your roleplay nation, its history, government, and just general information. You can find a few good guides at the bottom of this dispatch.

Roleplay Moderators


The story of Thegye begins long ago, with the formation of many tribes, far to the north, in Oskiya. These followers of the sun god Oto, led by the sun-prophet Otode, migrated to the south, conquering and converting as they went. The Kroto, people of the sun, expanded and grew to a mighty empire, which was proclaimed the Peraro Krotoik, Empire of the Sun. The power and prestige of the Empire grew and spread, covering much of the civilized world. The Athyastoroklis, mighty Fortress City and capital of the Empire, was the center of a massive empire, blessed with boundless wealth and mighty armies. All empires, however, must fall. The great Peraro Krotoik, plagued by politics and famine, began to crumble beneath the pressure of internal and external threats. Tribes and former vassal states of the empire began to rise up against her in rebellion. As the empire crumbles, new states emerged and new empires began to grow. To the east, a new threat, Bassiliya, rises up and begins an all-out conquest of the empire. In the west, powerful princedoms and coalitions fight for dominance over the former empire. All around, the empire is surrounded by enemies.

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