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The Importance of the World Assembly

Here in Karma, we are making an effort to outline how the World Assembly is a cornerstone of every influential region. The following dispatch was produced by Karmaís WA Ministry. If you are interested in joining, contact Takura on Discord (Takura#1943) (https://discord.com/invite/dHxTBpF). There are two legislative chambers to the WA: the General Assembly (GA) and the Security Council (SC). Any WA member can propose legislation and, once itís deemed legal; WA Delegates can approve them. Once a proposal gets enough approvals, it goes to vote. All WA Members vote, with Delegates having more voting power. Keep in mind that the WA is much more nuanced than this. If you want to learn more, we are happy to help in the WA Ministry! So, without further ado, letís get to the basics.

The General Assembly

The GA is in charge of passing international laws that will impact all WA nation statistics immediately. These can be as varied as fishing rights, to universal healthcare. A GA resolution has a category that it impacts, and the strength of the impact that it will have. Some nations (and regions) are for very little GA interference and hence vote against all resolutions and for all repeals. Other nations are for a more powerful GA. Itís your decision to decide how Karma will stand on this aspect of the game. The GA doesnít focus on a specific region or nation, instead, it works to improve all nations. The General Assembly forum can be found here.

The Security Council

While the GA works in a broader sense, the SC is concerned about the specific goings on in a nation or region. In comparison, the SC is more about gameplay than roleplay. The Security Council Forum can be found here. The table below is a quick breakdown of the types of resolutions you will see come to the SC floor:

Type of Proposal




Nations or Regions

Used to recognize outstanding commitment for the good of the region or NationStates as a whole


Nations or Regions

Used to condemn those that go against the ideals of the WA



Removes the ability of the Delegate to institute a password lock

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