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Join the WA!

Please, join the WA!
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We hope you join the WA!

Why should you join?

Becoming a member of the World Assembly allows you to endorse other nations, including our delegate Treadwellia, who is also the most endorsed nation in Lazarus. It is important to endorse the delegate as it helps to keep Terrorists outside our Headquarters. You shouldn't just endorse the delegate, endorse others too! Doing so will increase your regional influence making it harder for Terrorists to remove you from the region. When Terrorists are spotted in Corporate Headquarters, you'll be glad that you joined the WA!

How you can join?

Go to your national settings and input an email in the relevant box. Your email is completely secure and others cannot see it, however, it is required to join the WA. It helps make sure people with more than one WA nation also know as cheating multi-ing are found out. Moreover, it keeps you from accidentally having more than one nation! Now that you have done that, go to WA and click the apply to join button. You will then get an email click that link and join the WA!

Now that you're in.

Make sure you check the regional WFE (World Fact-book Entry) and read the current endorsement cap. Currently it is 130 for those endorsing the Delegate (CEO) and 20 for who are not, this means that you may not seek more than the relevant amounts (Doing so may lead to removal from the region). Then you should endorse the Delegate Treadwellia, Vice Delegate New Rogernomics and all our Auditors: Aflana, Custadia, Lazarene Ryccia and Leonism.