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Lazarene Endorsement Cap Dispatch

Endorsement Cap Dispatch

Security Auditors of Lazarus (Council of Lazarene Security)

    Current Cap:

    Endorsing the Delegate: 130 WA Endorsements

    Not Endorsing the Delegate: 20 WA Endorsements

    Q: Why do we need an Endorsement Cap?

    In an ideal situation we would not need one, as everyone would keep below the delegate and not try and disrupt regional security.

    Unfortunately overthrowing legitimate delegates in a coup d'etat does happen in this game.

    So please keep below the endorsement cap so that Tubbius AKA the Tubby One (Treadwellia) can continue spreading MmpH throughout the land.

    Q: How is the Endorsement Cap enforced?

    Every month World Assembly nations will be checked to see if they are under endorsement cap.

    If nations are above either cap by 10 WA Endorsements, they may be asked to reduce their endorsements, and may undergo un-endorsement campaigns.

    It is easy to keep under if you send telegrams to those who are putting you above the cap, or just let your endorsements decline.

    Q: Will the Endorsement Cap increase?

    It might, though it all depends on how many are endorsing the Delegate.

    There are limits set by gameplay mechanics as well to take into account, as our ability to eject/ban for security reasons can be made more difficult.

    Q: What will happen if I am above cap for more than a month or so?

    When enough folks are above the cap, we will post a temporary dispatch advising nations they are above cap.

    Hypothetically, if a nation continued to be above cap despite official warnings by telegram and dispatch, they could be banned or ejected.

    Though bans and ejections are the last resort. We are more likely to attempt an un-endorsement campaign first.

    Q: What is an un-endorsement campaign?

    It is effectively a telegram campaign against WA nations above the Endorsement Cap, and will only telegram endorsing nations as necessary to gradually bring a nation down to cap.