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Getting Started


Welcome to Thegye, land of the emperors and home of the best roleplay the other side of the Renaissance! You have stumbled upon the Kingdom of Thegye, a region among thousands in the world of NationStates. Think of us as a nation of nations or a group of nations in the same geographical area in real life. We are a budding, new community full of life and ready to build the best region in all of NationStates! We focus heavily on a good community, a fun environment, and the best roleplay we can possibly create!

What a great question! There are a wide variety of things to do. You can gameplay, where you answer the issues you get every so often to carefully manipulate your statistics to become the best in the region and the world. You can join our colorful roleplay, where your imagination takes control of your very own nation. You can become a member of the World Assembly and grow your power and influence by endorsing each other, submitting and voting on proposals, and, possibly, becoming the World Assembly Delegate! You can do any and all of these things.

That's pretty simple. There are few prerequisites to getting involved in anything. If you would like to get involved in our roleplay, just apply for a spot on the Map. Our community is strongly based on our Regional Message Board, our LinkDiscord, and our Forums. If you'd like more tips on how to get involved, check out the Plugging into Your Community guide.

You are just full of great questions. You can find all the rules here: Rights and Orders of the Citizens. They are pretty short. As long as you follow those simple rules, we'll get along great. In addition, you should check out the NationStates site rules to avoid the wrath of the admins!

If you have questions that aren't answered by anything here, ask on the RMB or TG one of the Diarchs. Remember, we love newcomers, so don't be afraid to ask questions!

If you want to know how to pronounce the name of our region, here's the best way: Thee-guy-yay. Pretty straightforward!

Frequently Asked Questions: Here, linked for your use and ease of access, are NationStates' requently asked questions: FAQ.

Roleplay: Roleplay (RP) is based on both the Discord and the Forums. It is where players establish histories and nations and interact with each other. If you would like to get involved, first, apply for your spot on the MAP and fill out an RSC. You can find information about those things on the Roleplay Dispatch. Check out this helpful guide to getting started in roleplay: Setting Up Your Roleplay Presence. There are also roleplays hosted on the NationStates National and International Roleplaying subforum.

Gameplay: Gameplay (GP) is playing the NationStates base game. This usually includes participating in World Assembly events and answering issues. If you'd like to know more about gameplay, check out Getting Into Gameplay, a guide. There is also a gameplay option called "Raiding and Defending" or R/D for short. Check out the related resource here: the Complete Guide to Military Gameplay.

Government: You can find the government structure right here: Government. A quick explanation of our system: the Diarchs rule supreme over the land. They appoint two Deputies; the Chancellor has control over foreign affairs and the Steward is in control of the internal affairs. These Deputies have the authority to appoint assistants to help them in their jobs. If you think you could serve, let one of the Diarchs know or any other member of the government. We are always on the lookout for new blood and fresh minds!

World Assembly: The World Assembly is the largest, most prestigious body in all of NationStates. It is comprised of thousands of individual nations that gather together and create, debate, and vote on various pieces of international legislation. The application process is pretty simple and a guide to the World Assembly can be found at NJ's Helpful Guide to World Assembly Membership, Endorsements, and More! If you are interested in lively debates and intriguing new ideas for legislation, be sure to check out the World Assembly.

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