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LazCorp | information desk

Welcome to LazCorp

Our company is committed to developing a fun and safe community in which resident nations - and those just travelling through - can be at ease while experiencing the best this game has to offer.

Above you'll find links to information on various aspects of the game and our region. Below is an outline of our leadership system and how to join it. We value your feedback, so if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to us!

protects the region

Chief Executive Officer: Treadwellia

Chief Operating Officer: New Rogernomics

Security Auditors: Aflana,
Custadia, Lazarene Ryccia
and Leonism

World Assembly Members

guides the region

Managing Director: Kingdom of Napels

Internal Management: Mzeusia
Deputy: Leonism

Public Relations: Domais
Deputy: Chanku

Regional Guard: Honeydewistania

Shareholdership: New Rogernomics

Department Members

creates legislation

Speaker: Lazarene Roavin
Deputies: Debussy


interprets legislation

Human Resource Officers: Skadifron,
Lazarene Amerion and Wymondham2

Leadership System

LazCorp's corporate design is based on Mandate 12, our guiding legal document.

Become a Shareholder

As a Shareholder you'll have the opportunity to help craft LazCorp's legislation, rise through the ranks of executive departments as an organizer, diplomat or soldier, vote for officials and run for office yourself.

1. Create an account on the LinkForums

2. Fill out a LinkShareholder Application

3. We'll get back to you soon!

LinkAdditional information on this process

Helpful Corporation Links

LinkGuide to Shareholder Excellence | Read this handbook to becoming a successful legislator, politician and Lazarene.

LinkPublic Library | Historical records as well as active laws and treaties are stored here.

LinkShareholder Assembly | Shareholders can discuss and vote on corporate matters in this area. (only visible to Shareholders)

LinkDepartment Applications | Apply to become an ambassador, an internal helper or a guard member here.