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Library Welcome

A Region founded on freedom, strength, justice, and equality

Welcome to The Democratic Commonwealth!

TDC is an amazing, one-of-a-kind Region that offers anyone and everyone an excellent place to pursue whatever they want to the absolute fullest they want it.

    Are you interested in joining politics? Want to create or join a political party? Want to be elected to the Senate, become President, or more? We have that covered and have an amazingly engaging political life.

    Are you interested in our RP? Are you a quality writer or aspire to be one? Do you want to wage wars of conquest and expand your empire in our renowned and extraordinary-quality RP? We have that covered as well.

    Are you into the Gameplay aspects of Nationstates? Want to handle some foreign diplomacy, some invasions, and complex inter-regional politics? Serve our Emperor and work to expand His Majesty's hold over Nationstates!

    Do you just want a fun community to be around? Some people to talk to, share memes with, forge friendships and create inside jokes? Our community never dies, and time flies when you're with us!

There is a reason why TDC has outlasted all of her enemies, why it has been a region for over 3 years, why it has defeated all expectations: the TDC community is truly one-of-a-kind, and we treat you as a friend rather than some player in a game. Welcome, and I hope you see for yourself what you've heard many times.

Don't forget to join our discord and introduce yourself!

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