by The Citrus-Tiger of TaigaAisaka. . 10 reads.

Formation of; Card Protection Institution (CPI)

CPI is hereby formed on this day of December 27, 2019. Its goal is to preserve and expand the card industry in TaigaAisaka and Yuzu Aihara. The institution has the following powers:

⭐ Block the exportation of certain cards held by Citrus-Tiger nations (TaigaAisaka, Yuzu Aihara). The export block can be imposed at anytime for any reason, and is indefinite until lifted by the CPI.

ALL cards requested to be sold my first be approved by CPI. The price floor must be x100 the Market Value. Example, a card with market value of 0.05 can only be sold for no less than of 5.00. There is no price ceiling.

⭐ CPI shall also expand its card collection by purchasing cards it deems desirable. Furthermore, it may purchase Citrus-Tiger cards to bring our cards back home.