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APR. 2020

Escalator Malfunction Injures At Least 30 Soccer Fans In Stockholm
Apr. 10, 2020

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STOCKHOLM, N.R. SWEDEN – After the Swedish National Football Team was defeated 1–3 by the Chinese National Football Team in the IWUFA World Cup 2023 Qualifiers Round in Stockholm, the police were facing a derby between angry and disappointed SNFT fans, trying to walk up the escalator, not mobilizing. Because the escalator can not hold the capacity of people, a sudden escalator brake malfunction caused it to move faster downwards, sending them off the escalator. At least 30 people have been injured, and one person suffered a head injury and is in critical condition, the stadium management stated.

The IWUFA posted about this incident:

"There has been recent reports that an unexpected escalator malfunction had occured during a derby after the 2023 World Cup qualifications match between Sweden and China. The stadium management apologizes about this situation, and will fix this issue."

MAR. 2020


FEB. 2020

How the Cult of Personality of Styrkuria's President William Espanto Leads to His Fame
Feb. 12, 2020

AKUREYRI, N.R. STYRKURIA – When the President of Styrkuria William Espanto was elected in August 2018, he only had one way to attract people: Personality Cult.

Espanto told IWU News that countless portraits of himself were displayed in every building in Styrkuria. He also marked his appearance in cheese boxes, wine bottles, and specialty snacks. The town of Villensfórd, former named Dalvík, has its name coined from his name.

"When I was young, I wasn't very popular enough," he said. "During the time I studied in Malayo-Indonesia, my classmates come to me and say "You're not cool!" And then I would stand up and stare at them fiercely like I wanted to punch them so hard like a wrecking ball."

"And then at one moment, when I became foreign president of a country, I had a plan," he continued. "I wanted my portrait displayed in every single building nationwide, and in every single room, so as to increase my popularity. Also, I put my own face in some brands. To me, it feels like a world celebrity."

Pres. Espanto ceased his cult of personality in November 2019, due to his time management for his presidency.

Overall, over 249,000 people worldwide became fans of Pres. Espanto, thanks to his cult of personality tactic.

JAN. 2020

Taal Volcano Erupts, Ashes Travel into Southwest N. Rizalia and Broncania
Jan. 12, 2019

TAGAYTAY, CAVITE PROV., N. RIZALIA – Taal Volcano, North Rizalia's second most active volcano, erupted once again after 43 years of its last eruption in Batangas Prov. at 3pm, GMT+8.

Jonathan Gonzalez, Director of the North Rizalian Department of Science and Technology's Volcanology and Seismology Branch, stated that the volcano erupted without further warning. He spoke out that the eruption is a phreatic type, which means an eruption of volcanic ashes. The ash cloud flew over 600m from ground level. Ashfall occurred in parts of the Manila Capital Zone, southwestern N. Rizalia, and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Broncania, or DSRB.

"The eruption of the Taal Volcano is considered the world's 2nd largest eruption of the 21st century, and the first volcanic eruption to occur in the Rizalian countries in 2020," said Gonzalez. "The eruption can cause an estimated death toll of 6,000."

Broncan dictator Kauđilıo Chad Roano explained that Broncania will undergo an extensive nationwide cleanup after the ashfall. He suspended all activities for Broncan workers due to the eruption.

Some North Rizalians living near the Taal Volcano weren't amazed.

"At first, when I went out of the house, I saw some bits of dirt on the ground," said Hana Magalona, a resident living in Dasmariñas City, Cavite Prov. "And then suddenly, I felt something. There was no water dropping, but dirt. And I was like: 'Am I living in a different world? When I went out to talk to the security guard, he told me that it's not actually dirt rain, but ashfall from a volcanic eruption. And that's what I knew that Taal had erupted."

Styrkurian President William Espanto had expressed condolences to those who died in the eruption, and to those who live in places where ashfall occurred, including his home province Laguna.

Espanto posted a Presidential Statement in the Styrkurian Presidential Blog:

"To my dear North Rizalians, I express my condolences to those who died in the volcanic eruption of Taal, and to those who live in places being affected by ashfall. I also express my condolences to my hometown, which is now being engulfed in ash.

In January 12, 2020, at around 3pm, the Taal Volcano, known by everyone as a tourist spot, has erupted after being idle for 43 years since 1977.

I have been to Tagaytay many times, and I have seen the majestic view of the volcano. And this time, since I can not go back to my home because I am currently running as President of Styrkuria, it erupted, and many people lost their lives.

If you are reading this, the Styrkurian Government is officially counting on you. That means we are always here to help you, and to support you with love, care, and joy.

God bless you, and stay safe."

DEC. 2019

Landsréttur Bombed, 2 Killed, 35 Injured
Dec. 24, 2019

AKUREYRI, N.R. STYRKURIA – An unexpected terrorism occurred in Styrkuria's Landsréttur building in Dec. 24, 2019, at 7:52pm, GMT. The bombing left two senators killed, and 35 injured.

Styrkurian President William R. Espanto then immediately spoke out about the incident during the Government's Christmas Party.

"We are not sure who started this terrorism in our Landsréttur building, and why did it happen," he said. "How could this be possible? Two senators killed? And 35 injured? Well, **** the person who started this. We have to pay a lot of money for repairs."

Government officials are currently investigating about this incident.

It was revealed that the two senators that were killed in the bombing are Mihai Ófeigsson and Rúdólf Ægisson.

IWUFA Announces Host Cities for the Next Two World Cups
Dec. 23, 2019

The International World Union Football Association's President Ragnar Hannesson announced two hosting cities for the next two World Cups. Trondheim in Norway will host the World Cup in 2023, and Shanghai in China will host in 2027.

All national soccer teams from IWU member states are working hard to qualify in preparation of the upcoming Trondheim 2023 World Cup.