by Thy majesty. . 19 reads.

License of Roleplay of Circumspice & Perifania

The following is an official legal document of the museum coordinator of Perifania, and Circumspice.

This dispatch authorizes that Jerry mander, following the recent recent request,

You're also the Courtroom Minister over in Circumspice as well, yes?
I would like to make a role-play request. The Planet X needs quiet, inactive regions for some of its role-play requirement and I wanted to ask for permission to use both Circumspice and Perifania and places where they can harvest Nullonium, which is most abundant in quiet, inactive regions, lol.
I'd just park a Harvester Vessel in the region for a while (maybe a month?), 'collect' the needed material (the imaginary 'Nullonium') and ship it back to the home-world“
has been granted by the museum coordinator, Thy majesty/Courtroom minister.

This license will expire on 1/1/2020. A new license will be required to continue with roleplay.

Thank you.

Thy majesty