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The federal government of 1980s America

Federal government of 1980s America

1980s America is a presidential constitutional republic, organized as follows.

Branches of the federal government:

  • Executive: Consists of:

    • The President of 1980s America.

    • His Cabinet, consisting of the Secretaries of:

      • Homeland Security

      • Defense

      • Foreign Intelligence

      • Foreign Affairs

      • Border Security and Immigration Services

  • Legislative: Consists of:

    • The Senate, consisting of a minimum of 5 Senators and a maximum of 25.

    • The House of Representatives, consisting of a minimum of 5 Representatives and a maximum of 40.

  • Judicial: Consists of:

    • A minimum of 3 judges and a maximum of 25.

Departments of the federal government:

Homeland Security: Handles conflict internal to the region.

Defense: Deals with matters related to defense of the region.

Foreign Intelligence: Deals with the collection and extraction of intelligence and classified materiel from a foreign enemy region, and the sharing of such intelligence with allied regions.

Foreign Affairs: Handles matters pertaining to diplomacy with other regions.

Border Security and Immigration Services: Controls entry of foreign nations into the region, and, if necessary, the departure of native nations as well.