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BILL: Female Procurement Bill of Japan

This is a bill, under review in the Japan Diet. This is NOT official policy, and is subject to change.

Bill #3, 25 September, 2019.

Female Procurement Bill of Japan
This bill aims to increase the population of female-led nations in Japan by recruiting and retaining more female nations. This shall be done by curating recruitment messages specifically for females.

I. Conditions
Member nations of Japan will not be required to change in any form their behaviors or national policies. However, they are encouraged to be welcoming of new female members.

A. Recruitment of females shall have priority over "generic" telegrams.
1. Telegrams shall use female-friendly language that makes them feel wanted.
2. This includes having feminine overtones in telegrams that reflect the warmness of Japan.

B. TaigaAisaka will maintain all expenses for the female procurement telegrams, unless another nation wishes to make telegrams too.
1. Expenses include: creating the telegrams and sending them out.
2. No other nation is obligated to partake in this program.
3. During this period, TaigaAisaka will not spend any expenses on "generic" telegrams.

C. The Female procurement bill is not a pursuit of feminism; it simply attempts to bring more female residents into Japan.

1. Nations in Japan do not need to pursue any policies in-game reflecting this bill.

II. Enactment

These rules are to take effect immediately upon their acceptance by a majority vote of “yes” by Japan citizens. Regions maintaining embassies with Japan should acknowledge and respect this policy.