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Embassy Policy of Japan

Japan, 23 September, 2019.
Ratified 29 September, 2019

Embassy Policy of Japan

In order to clarify what the policy of embassies with Japan entails, the Japan Diet, in session, has proposed an embassy policy, clarifying the conditions of embassies with Japan.

I. Conditions
Regions establishing embassies with Japan should be made aware of what conditions embassies with Japan entail.

A. Embassies are to be established for the sake of maintaining good relations with other regions, for a variety of reasons.

1. Create and maintain friendships.

2. Ensure regional safety and security.

3. These reasons do not imply any obligations on the part of regions holding embassies with Japan.

B. Japan will generally accept all embassy requests, provided that there is no objection.

1. Any objection should be brought forth to a Regional Officer, for discussion.

a. Further disagreements should entail a special session of the Diet for discussion.

C. This policy exempts Japan from the following, and should not be expected.

1. Membership of extra-regional organisations. While Japan is happy to maintain friendly relations with said organisations, membership should not be assumed.

2. Military participation. Japan will not participate in military alliances, and can only direct regions to other defending organisations.

a. The Imperial Japanese Navy is exempt from this, due to being a separate organisation. Regions should get in contact with Imperial Japanese Navy leadership for military alliances.

3. Embassies with regions that continually disregard the wishes of Japan may have their embassies closed.

II. Enactment

These rules are to take effect immediately upon their acceptance by a majority vote of “yes” by Japan citizens. Regions maintaining embassies with Japan should acknowledge and respect this policy.

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