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Constitution of 1980s America

Constitution of 1980s America
Essentially a ruleset but more legalese.

1. 1980s America will make no attempt to restrict resident nations' freedoms of speech, ideology, assembly, petition, or protest, under absolutely no circumstances. This rule extends to ALL nations outside 1980s America, whether in embassy regions or not. The ONLY exception to this is if the speech proves harmful to the region, i.e being edgy, pushing ideology on others, or making death threats.

2. 1980s America will not revoke the citizenship of member nations for any reason, unless it becomes absolutely necessary, for example, actively threatening other nations with great harm, or making death threats.

3. Politicians in 1980s America will serve a maximum of 2 terms, each 2 months long. At the end of each term, new members will be elected. The President will also serve a maximum of 2 terms, each term 2 months long, with an election at the end of each individual term.

4. 1980s America will keep its borders open to all nations.

5. The Government is to be made up of the following things:

  • The President and his Cabinet. The Cabinet is to consist of Secretaries, which are the Secretaries of:

    • Homeland Security

    • Defense

    • Foreign Intelligence

    • Foreign Affairs

    • Border Security and Immigration Services

  • The Senate. The Senate is the legislative body of the Government of 1980s America and is to have a maximum of 25 members, each elected by the people. All votes are to be done by polls. The Senate is a division of 1980s America Congress.

6. World Assembly membership is optional. In order to become a Senator, nations are not required to join the World Assembly, but they can have only one nation in the Senate at a time; i.e only the main nation or one puppet is allowed.

7. In order to become the President, World Assembly membership is required.

8. Endorsements are to be capped at 2, which is the minimum number of endorsements needed to write and submit WA Resolution proposals, for ALL nations. The only one not subject to this restriction is the President.

Addendum: The Founder reserves the right to enforce the Constitution, and to make changes to it with the approval of Congress, but may NOT make substantial changes to the Constitution or edit it without the consent of Congress (representing the nations of the region). The Founder is also the only one with the right to suspend the Constitution.

9. In order to become involved in politics, a resident must have resided in 1980s America for at least 3 days uninterrupted.

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