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Canon Policies

Canon NationStates Policies


Public Protest - The right to unfettered public protest is enshrined in law.

Term Limits - Elected representatives must leave office after a legally mandated amount of time.


Compulsory Organ Harvesting - Citizens have no say in the medical use of their bodies after death.

AI Personhood - Artificial beings are legally recognized citizens.

Parental Licensing - Citizens must acquire a license in order to have children.

Law & Order

Capital Punishment - Citizens may be executed for crimes.

Conscription - A period of military service is compulsory for all citizens.

Gun Ownership - All citizens are required to own a firearm.


Capitalism - Private industry is permitted within a market-based economy.

Child Labor - Children may be legally employed as workers and contractors.

Maternity Leave - Mothers of newborn children received paid leave from employment.

Space Program - The nation runs a space program.

Metricism - The state mandates the use of the metric system.


Weapons of Mass Destruction - The nation claims the legal right to use WMDs.

Climate Treaty - The nation is a signatory to an international climate treaty.

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