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Noodle Shop Drink Menu

Soft Drinks

Jug of ice water. Free.

500ml Bottle of mineral water. $1.00.

1l Bottle of mineral water. $1.50.

500ml Bottle of Coca-Cola. $1.00.

500ml Bottle of Diet Coca-Cola. $1.00.

500ml Bottle of Sprite. $1.00.

Glass of Fox Milk. $1.50
- Sourced fresh from the Massimolandia ranch, this unusual milk goes well with Balestrian Noodles.

Glass of Reality Juice. $2.50.
- A strange, sweet liquid found near the edge of reality. It has been collected, cleaned and mixed with water for your consumption. Particularly good with our Onomichi Ramen.

Hot Drinks

Black Coffee $1.00. Free Refills.

White Coffee $1.30.

Green tea. $1.00.

Black tea. $1.00. Milk 30c extra.

Alcoholic Drinks

Lager 330ml $2.00. 4%.

Lager 660ml $4.00. 4%.

Sake. $2.00 per cup or $7.00 per small jug. Can be hot or cold. 15%.

Cider 330ml Can $2.00. 3.5%.

Plum Wine. $3.00 per 250ml glass, $9.00 per 750ml bottle. 10%.