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Zurk File #5: The Rise of Atheism

When the Empire of Zurkerx was founded on October 6, 522 AD, freedom of religion was of one of the priories of the Empire. At the time of the founding of Zurkerx, about 86% of the population were polytheistic, 12% were in the Christian Branches, 1.9% were Jewish, and .1% were atheists. Islam has not been founded yet. Freedom of Religion was put in the Constitution on first anniversary of the founding of the Empire.

For the next 555 years, these religions lived in peace with each other along with the Muslims when they came in 634 AD. However, with their different beliefs, fighting assured in 1077 AD. At that point there were about 3% polytheistic, 67% were from Christian Branches, 18% were Jewish, 9% followed Islam, and 3% were Atheists. Sometime in the spring of 1077 AD, a mosque was burnt to the ground by two guys what local Muslims said. This brought anger to the Empire and a hunt was on its way to find the criminals. Then sometime in the summer of 1077 AD, a Christian Church was burnt til there was only a pile of ashes. The Priest of the church, Robert Korv, many great, great grandson of President Marcus Korv, witness the church burned down in which he saw two guys with torches burn down the church. The guys were Kyle Hanjag & Yuri Fewiu. They were both atheists, both were arrested two days later and would be later convicted of attacking a religious symbol and destruction of property and were sentenced to two years. The sentencing didn't make many Christians happy but they deal with it. They found out later, sometime in the spring of 1078 AD that the same two guys burned down the Mosque as they confessed to it. They were back on trial for it but were assassinated by a Catholic, Jonas Yun. This sparked outraged by the Atheists as their "friends" were not put up to trial and demanded that Yun be put on trial. Atheists were very radical and wanted to destroy all religions. Yun never reached trial because of the political corruption with religion. After these events, things wound never be peaceful.

Many battles happened over years between religions and Atheists as even religions battle one and another. Muslims hated the Jews and Christians and the other way around. Each group attacked religious figures and people of that group. It got to point where they ignored the Atheists and were at each others throats. On the night of July 6, 1433, a night that would lead to hatred of each other. On that night, 1200 churches, 1193 mosques, and 1156 synagogues were burned to the ground. In Zurk Tech, it was named "Junikasr Zuh Niht", "Night of Hellfire". No one knew who did it but in many years later, it was done by the Atheists to get others at their throats and to get an Atheist Government. The Atheists then decided to lay back and let them destroy each other while at the same time, recruit new Atheists. Because of all the battles between the religion, by 1642, 34% of the population was Atheist, 23% Jewish, 27% Christian, and 16% Muslim. Of course there were the assassinations, including President Mark Ahu Dimim (#67 and first president ever assassinated) when he was shot by a lone assassin named Muhammad Jones Adula.

As the Atheists got stronger, other religions got weaker. By 1868, 68% of the population was Atheists, 15% Christians, 6% Jewish, and 11% Muslims. One of the newer reasons for the rise of Atheism is because of new advancements in science and technology. Treatments for wounds in the battlefield and the theory of Evolution were big gains in Atheism. Finally, on election day, November 3, 1902, the first Atheist President, Jon Divimki, and Congress was elected. Out of the 600 members of Congress, 484 were Atheists. Divimki was president for 14 years until he died from lung cancer on April 8, 1916, he was 58 years old. The other religions at this point were very weak and needed to take back the government. The Muslims tried first on June 13, 1935, when 1,200 charged at the Palace (Where President resides) led by Yusuf Moshe. He failed and he and 1,200 of his followers were either killed or executed, Moshe was killed in battle. The Muslims feared for their lives after that day and by May 17, 1944, the last family of Muslims left as others were either killed or led somewhere else. The Jews never tried to fight the government but instead slowly left. On February 4, 1942, the last Jew, Walter Woski, died at old age in his bed, he was 88 years old. Christians only tried once and it was a big one.

On July 19, 1956, 14,000 Christians took over the city of Bleu which is located in the Northwestern part of Zurkerx. They were led by Reverend Moses Krusck. They held the city for 14 days until Zurk Tanks rolled in along with Frezt Militia of 15,890. They took the city the next day on July 4. 9,000 followers of Krusck died to the militia's 1,340, another 3,490 will be executed. Krusck fled just before the tanks arrived and tried to take the town of Kellyville but was shot by police before he could even get there. The rest of his followers will also be executed along with Christian politicians and citizens that sponsor the movement. Finally, on August 16, 1998, the last Christian family left for the nation of Tur Galnos. The empire on this day was declared an Atheist nation and it was celebrated across the country as VA Day (Victory for Atheist) for every year since then. Later on November 4, the first Emperor and Atheist one, Ruther Von Rechemec, was elected.

Though Zurkerx was very Atheist, for those that killed others based off their religious beliefs were executed by the courts. This however never stopped the Atheist from achieving their goal. In the end, that goal became a dream come true.