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Taiga Aisaka & Yuzu Aihara; The Ai-Nihonjin race

TaigaAisaka and Yuzu Aihara are often regarded as polar opposites culturally- Aisakans are stubborn and shun any form of reliance on society, while Aiharans believe strongly in peaceful cohesion and national identity. But one genetic discovery has everyone either scratching their heads, upset, or both.

Apparently, the genomes from both groups show that both Aisakans and Aiharans share the exact same ancestry. In fact, their DNA testing markers are so similar that geneticists have declared them to be the Ai-Nihonjin race.

This also proves the theory that Aiharans and Aisakans are the result of racial mixing between an ancient extinct tribe called “The Ai people” and the modern Japanese people today (This could also explain why they are shorter than the Japanese, and why Ai-Nihonjin have bigger eyes on average).

So how did these two groups end up so differently culture-wise if they came from the same family? Nobody is certain, but two theories have been proposed;

1. The Ai-Nihonjin broke off into two major migrations patterns- the Aiharans moved further north while the Aisakans moved further south. This migration would have been as recent as less than a thousand years ago.

2. The Ai-Nihonjin became engulfed in an unknown conflict (either among themselves or because of invaders) around a millennia ago and eventually broke off into two different groups.

In response to the Aiharan Science Corporation’s findings, the National Taigan Science Foundation has expressed interested in merging the two entities into one research organization.

The international merger would be called; The Ai Research Organization (TARO)