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Iovanism, the official ideology of The Limbo.

[b][size=150]What is Iovanism?[/size][/b]
[I][size=110]The Iovanist Manifesto[/size][/I]
[font=Courier]"[b]Iovanism is the ideology of having equal rights for any class except for criminals, which have violated the law, and workers, which work for their country and deserve slightly more recognition.[/b] Iovanism can bring a working population to your country due to the perks, and [b]Iovanism enacts fair laws and no one shall be exempt from crimes, unless proven an accident.[/b] No race is better than any other, and taxes fund the poor population as well. This way, the richest cannot hoard their money, and doing so is a crime. Iovanism can bring order and equilibrium, like how water molecules perform osmosis to reach equilibrium. The Iovanist revolution is no protest, rather a gift to the world. No one shall exploit this, or they are criminals. No one, not even government officials, are exempt from any law at any time. A ruler in an Iovanist Government shall rule until he is no longer in health to rule his country. This way, the people under an Iovanism Government can get used to their rights and equalities."[/font]

[b][size=150]Why do we exist?[/size][/b]
[I][size=110]The Iovanist Manifesto[/size][/I]
[font=Courier]"[b]Iovansim exists because the government made a compromise when the working class wanted a union in Kavotik Ceru.[/b] Basically, the working class of the formerly democratic Kavotik Ceru wanted a union due to unfair rights for the hard workers of our nation. The former leader, Hatney von Svartz, who always dreamed of a fair world, decided that communism would be too extreme, so he met with the revolutionaries and discussed a new ideology that concerned complete equilibrium.[b]And thus, the ideology of Iovanism was born.[/b] The nation celebrated with rejoice, and the poor and working classes were given compensations for what the corrupt government originally was. Kavotik Ceru would never be the same."[/font]