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Leader: Lachlan Lewis [OUTDATED]

Lachlan Lewis
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Lachlan ‘Woods’ Lewis

Lachlan ‘Bucky’ Lewis

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Lachlan Lewis, The Year Of Election







November 7, A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away


April 3 (2:59 A.M.), A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away






Lachlan Daniel Lewis


Daniel Lewis


Mary Levin Lewis


Woods College Of Aeronautics

Religion- Christianity

Military Service



Woods, Then The Remnant Flight Colony of Woods Is Back

Service Branch

Space Force

Years of Service




The Remnant Flight Colony of Woods Is Back was a nation established by Lachlan Lewis A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away. He created it because of the harsh oppression the motherland was implying on his colony. Lachlan was an aerospace engineer and created spaceships. With his spacecrafts, he shuttled anyone that wanted to escape the oppression to the planet Anoat. They then elected him for bravery and leadership qualities.

Early Life

Lachlan Lewis was born to Daniel and Mary Lewis. He attended a private school although his family was relatively poor. His best classes were math and science. Although relatively popular, he was known more for his brains and fitness, then popularity. In the eighth grade, he skipped to tenth, because of his ability adapt and learn quickly. In college, his major was aerospace engineering while his minor was quantum physics. He then worked on creating spaceships and probes with the hope of colonizing another planet.


His political ideas are a capitalist democratic nation, that holds elections every five years, and enacts conscription and gun ownership, along with a police force, to keep the populace safe.

Political Views

He believes in democracy, but he allows public protest and will adapt the government to cater to more reasonable protests. He enacts conscription and gun ownership to keep the crime down, while still having a safe populace. Lachlan was tricked into enacting polygamy, not thinking that it would activate it, and it goes against his views. Although there is significant power to separate states, none of them may contradict the laws of the federal government. He also believes that adultery, prostitution, and divorce are unjust and uncouth, due to the ruining of relationships and families.

Religious Views

Lachlan believes in religious tolerance, and will fight to keep peace in regards to religion. Although he is a Christian, he’ll listen to peoples accounts of run-ins with his religion, to stop crime. He also believes that religious segregation is a crime, and will end up with its respective fine or jail time. There is only one thing that may not happen regarding religion, and that is that you may not eat, approve of, or worship seedless watermelons, as they are a tasteless representation of abortion, birth control, and genetic modification.

Lachlan’s hobbies are playing the drums, piloting starships, engineering, fencing, and hunting.


  • Lachlan is 6ft 2in, and is 150lbs.

  • He is an accomplished drummer, having over four appearances with famous bands.

  • His personal weapon is a DL-44 and a cross between a TL-50 and a CR-7 Fragstorm.

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