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NS Japan Discord Server

LinkNS日本へようこそ! NS Japan is the official Discord server of the Japan region. Having said that, we welcome all nations of all regions to join and participate in discussions and posts.

To introduce yourself, show your main nation in the onsen with the command !nation <your nation>, so that we can know who you are.

I. Rules
II. Guide to Channels
III. Roles
IV. Guide to Bots

I. Rules:
In order to maintain a peaceful and friendly environment, we have some rules in place, that we ask that you read:

1. Please declare either your main nation or nation within Japan upon entry, so that a Govt. Official 役人 can assign you either the Nihonjin 日本人 role or the Gaijin 外人 role.

2. No harassment or abusive behaviour. If a user takes it personally, then you should likely stop.

3. Please keep NSFW content in the H-18 channel. While you are free to swear like a sailor (like yours truly), or otherwise discuss less savoury topics, it is asked that images or anything explicit be kept in Channel H-18.

4. Please be courteous and respectful in respect to politics/religion/etc. While we permit discussion of these topics, we do request that users remain civil and respectful in discussing these, as they can turn ugly quickly.

In respect to rules 2 and 3, violators will be warned on their first offence. Repeat offenders will first be temporarily muted, then kicked, then banned from the server, with the most extreme cases banned from the Japan region entirely.

If, however, you have a problem, feel free to bring it to the attention of a Govt. Official 役人.

II. Guide to Channels:
Our Discord server has many channels covering a wide variety of topics, with new channels added as requested.

A. Chat:
1. The Onsen: General Chat, anything goes.
2. Anime-Manga: Discussion of anime or manga and image spam.
3. Video-Games: Discussion of video games and image spam.
4. Neko Room: Cat pictures, including catgirls.
5. Kawaii Room: Cute pictures.
6. Memes: Posting Memes of all types.
7. Chabudai: Food discussion and images.
8. Japan-News: News either about Japan or related to Japan.
9. Japan-Sports: Discussion of Japanese sports.
10. Waifu Claim: Claim your waifu here!
11. Flag-Ensign Room: Post flags that interest you.
12. Channel H-18: NSFW, requires permission.
13. Voice Chat

B. Government of Japan
1. Regional-Affairs-General: For discussion of all issues regarding the region. All nations of all regions are welcome.
2. Diet Chamber: Official discussion of regional policy. It is subject to these rules.
3. NS-current-events: For current events in your nation.
4. Event-Planning: For planning region-wide events. Stay tuned for the latest news!

1. RP-meta: For OOC discussion of roleplay, including pitching new games.
2. RP-general: For IC freeform RPing as whomever you wish.
3. New channels may be added for new games. They will not be listed here, so check them out!

D. Bots
1. Music: For posting music for FredBoat to play.
2. Bot-Room: For playing with bots.
3. Music-Room (voice channel): For listening to music played by FredBoat.

E. Archives
These channels have been archived, usually because they relate to specific events. You cannot post in them, but you can read them.

III. Roles
Our server has several roles in place, designating Mods and Admins, as well as NS capacities. Roles may be requested as needed.
1. Captain: Administrator
2. Lieutenant: Taiga Aisaka
3. Govt. Official 役人: Regional officers. Also have moderator privileges.
4. Foreign Diplomat 外交官: Regional officers of other regions.
5. Nihonjin 日本人: Natives of Japan
6. Gaijin 外人: Nations in other regions.
7. NSFW: 18+ Only

In addition, there are many roles you can select for yourself. Check them out!

IV. Bots
Our server utilises several bots, for various purposes. Prefixes in parenthesis.
1. FredBoat: Playing music. (;;play <link>)
2. Tatsumaki: (t! <command>)
3. RPBot: For roleplay profiles and dice. (r! <command>)
4. PollBot: For polls. (+strawpoll {question} [option])
5. FredBoat: (u! <command>)

Your Japan Govt. Official 役人s:
-Otaku Stratus - WA Delegate
-North Saitama - Security Awesomer
-The countian riyan i - Security Blanket
-TaigaAisaka - Minister of Love and Peace
-Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Cutie Pie

The Federal Republic of North Saitama