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The Limbo

The Limbo is an interdimensional rift inbetween the Human dimension and Dimension H#981035830. The main prospect of citizens living in the Limbo are to make Gels, one of the main exports from The Limbo, to make quite literally other-worldly weapons like the Mamut, and driving space panzers to their heart's content.

The cause of which we, Kavotik Ceru, and 2 other nations, Kerishkuh and United cult of britain was that our existance was threatened by the nature extremist named Emily and her nation, The scarlet estate. She had been doing this for months on end, so we decided to escape before her threats became a reality. We found that life in The Limbo was quite better than we had expected. Virtual Particles were a big part of it, allowing us to have limitless materials. Also, Gels. The holy grail of the Limbo, and the single estimated to be most efficient export from the Limbo. Tasty, jelatin-like, and nutritious. We will undoubtedly get rich under the prospect of Gel.

As you may have researched, Emily warned us she would meet with us some other time. That gave us another task: Develop weapons that can efficiently kill off the attacking forces. We have space panzers with huge guns mounted on, and planetary turrets. These things can rip a moon-sized hole into an enemy. Only problem: They take an entire 6 hours to reload. But against odds when it's loaded, the planetary turret can slap the tide back where it came from with ease. We currently have 40 Mamut guns mounted on to the ACP, and 6 planetary turrets scattered around our interplanetary space we own. We also have 60 improvised JadgMamut space panzers in our hands, each mounting a slightly modified Mamut cannon, which have an additional 5 Dr-K TA (type astro) land panzers inside to explore planets. But we are working on a project for taking on The scarlet estate. We will reveal further details later.

Our main export here is comprized of Gels and matter. Our Gels are tasty, and our matter is virtuos. Other-worldly elements like Meneculite and Teberotine make up our matter exports. That is yet another reason to stay at the paradise we call the Limbo. We can all get rich! And Kerishkuh and the United cult of britain are nice trading partners!!

We love our panzers, so one of our cheapest brand of IDTAs (Inter-dimensional-transportation-automobile) is easy to use. Just grab the joystick and press the pedal and you are off into the Limbo! Did I mention this IDTA is made of a recycled bathtub? No need to be worried, however. The Teta Pod is natrually resilient to the conditions of the Limbo, and is equipped with VPS(Virtual Particle Saturators) to keep the oxygen levels stable. It reaches a max speed of 255 mph, and can go for 6192 miles before running out of juice. And even then, our interplanetary probes can take you to the nearest station to get some gas free of charge! That's right, free gas! Although the gas that you by is collected in taxes (0.10 demotikens per month), it is miniscule because it's not that hard to get gas here.

We have generously large apartments, with laughable prices, starting at 5 demotikens per week. We also have a fabricator, making Limbo Fabric. Softer than earthen fabric, you can put it into our AFF (Automated Furniture Factory) to get a chair, couch, etc.

(While the rest of this article has talked about roleplay information, this section refers to the rules enforced onto the Limbo RMB.)
1. No godmodding. Things like giant ships are fine, but make weak points to be fair.

2. No vore or otherwise disgusting roleplay at all.

3. We are literally in space. This isn't Earth, so keep that in mind when you are roleplaying.

4. No swearing, unless in a humerous manner.

5. ABSOLUTELY NO ANNOYING NATIONS. Im looking at you, Jatana, Lviekland, United Imperialist States, and Eastlandia.

Violation of rules 3 or 4 result in ban if not followed more than 5 times. Violation of rules 5, 1, or 2 result in a ban if not followed ONCE.

Allies: These nations will be welcomed into the Limbo with gifts and supplies.
Kerishkuh: The Cerukan ethical brother, they have always been at our side, whether we were being attacked, trading, or escaping. They are the best trading partners we could ever ask for.

United cult of britain: They were good to us for a while, until they became a subject of Emily and her nation. But then, they escaped with us, proving that they were ever loyal to us.

Neutral: These nations will not be shot at, but will not receive any supplies or gifts.
Eldikar: They helped us during the Lyretonian War, but haven't really done anything since. And they haven't really defended me when Emily started to threaten me.

Lyretano: Joined us for a brief time in the Lucian Alliance, then we left. But other than that, they did try to make up for the war we had, so they aren't enemies anymore.

Planet lucia:We disbanded the alliance, but there isn't really anything they did that hurt us.

Enemies: These nations will be welcomed with thousands of bullets flying towards them, including our Planetary Turrets firing off at them.

The scarlet estate: Threatened us to the point where Emily made everyone surrender. Not me. Even if I did surrender, my people would be killed. They are a threat to diversity on earth. Also, they take Naturism to the extreme, which I am sort of confused by.

Something whatsitsname: Up until now wasn't really bad to us, but recently they joined Emily's side, so they are considered enemy of the Limbo.