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Feudal Army of the Duchy

Feudal Army motto is: Duchy or Death
Secret military order is imparted to the citizens

The Feudal Council deliberated a military dispatch to send secretly to the Lords of the 11 Cantons in case of war. The Duchess will never sign any surrender dispatch. Each citizen of the 11 Cantons is called to defend his own Canton, his family and the Duchy. Any communication or order of surrender will be considered fake and propaganded enemy.

General in chief
Only in case of war the Feudal Council elected only one General. At the end of the war the General resigns his mandate to the Feudal Council.

In case of peace, the Feudal Council proposes a name of a Marshal as a Chief of the Feudal Army. Duchess has the latest word on the name of the Chief of the Feudal Army.

Feudal Army Flag

Marshal Chief of the Feudal Army
Since October 2018: Marshal Gian Galeazzo Visconti
Since January 2020: Lord Marshall Jorg Venier
Since January 2021: Duke Francis Gonzaga