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Atomic Apocalipse: Isabeau of Este becomes the First Duchess of the Federal Duchy of Nordhpadhan

Atomic Apocalipse completely destroyed the Federal Army. Billions of deaths. Federation ceased to exist.
Only 2 thousands of survivors of the 2 billions of people of the 11 Cantons of the old Federation.

Isabeau of Este, the only Federal Councillor survived, organizes the reconstruction. "We the survivors have to reorganize our lives -Isabeau of Este says- we have to build homes and factories. We have to work for our people. Families have to be reorganized, orphans must be adopted. Women and men left alone must rebuild new families. We must look forward. First Nordhpadhanians"

Isabeau of Este inspires the citizens and gives a hope with her optimistic view and her courage.
Nordhpadhanian citizens fall in love with Isabeau.

The city council of Wenedhig proclaims Isabeau of Este as Duchess. One city council after another ratifies the decision of Wenedhig. Isabeau of Este becomes the Duchess of Nordhpadhan proclaimed by the citizens.

Wenedhig the Capital City of the Duchy

Nordhpadhan becomes a Feudal Kingdom named as Federal Duchy of Nordhpadhan. The Capital city becomes Wenedhig.

The Feudal Flag of the families Gonzaga and Este, the new Flag of the Federal Duchy of Nordhpadhan