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Procedure for sessions of the Japan Regional Government

Japan, 09 August, 2018.

Ratified 16 August, 2018

In order for Japan to function as a region, instead of just a loose bunch of nations, it has been proposed that regular sessions of the regional government take place, as a venue for issues to be proposed and discussed in an organised fashion.

I. Structure

The sessions of the Japan regional government are to be scheduled at a specified and publicly published time, and are to be presided over by regional officers.

A. Participation:

1. Citizens: Participation is open to all nations residing in the Japan region. In addition, every single citizen is entitled to vote in session, propose issues, put issues to vote, and debate.

2. Foreigners: Foreigners may not vote or put issues to vote, but may submit petitions under the sponsorship of a Japan citizen participating in session. Foreign petitions may only pertain to either international affairs or the affairs of their region as pertaining to Japan. Furthermore, foreign petitions are invalid unless sponsored by a citizen.

3. Diplomats: Regionally-designated diplomats may submit issues pertaining to either foreign affairs or the affairs of their home region relative to Japan without the requirement of a sponsor. Diplomats are still forbidden from voting, and must make a request to Presiding Officers(s) to put issues to vote.
a. Diplomats must be designated by their region to speak on the behalf of their region, or at least be a Regional Officer of their own region with at least embassy permissions. Otherwise, they are to be regarded as ordinary foreign nations, with the designated privileges prescribed in Section I, Part A, Clause 2 of these rules.

B. Responsibilities of Regional Officers

1. At least one regional officer must be present at each session to preside over the session. The Presiding Officer has the power to open the session, close the session by the consent of those present, officiate decisions, and various other powers and responsibilities as delegated below.

2. Publicity: Regional Officers have the responsibility to publish scheduled meeting dates as clearly as possible, and also publish the results of each session for all citizens and foreign visitors to view.

3. Moderation: The Presiding Officer has the responsibility to keep order in session, whether it be resolving conflicts, or ensuring that discussion stays on-topic.

4. Documentation: the Presiding Officer has the responsibility to document all decisions made in session, saving them as official.

II. Enactment

These rules are to take effect immediately upon their acceptance by a majority vote of “yes” by Japan citizens. Furthermore, immediately upon their enactment, a first session must be scheduled for within two weeks of the effective date.

The Federal Republic of North Saitama