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We follow the rules and won't break the bank

The constitution gives few guidelines as to the country's economic direction, and, officially, Zwangzug does not claim to be inherently capitalist or anticapitalist, but instead free to oscillate between economic extremes depending on the people's will. This has more often than not been rather socialist, however, and it is perhaps best considered a social democracy in practice. Its current policies are certainly those of a welfare state, with public education, health care, and transportation as well as government assistance for those unable to provide for themselves.

Nevertheless, some private enterprise remains--most notably in the field of book publishing. From publishing houses to the producers of ink and paper (Aviank and Spiream are two of the country's most well-known brands, with Dictine and Nubind publishing houses also rising in prominence, thanks in part to Nubind's sponsorship of the Elite Baseball League of Civil citizenry), it's the country's largest industry. Aware of the dangers of having government control the presses, Zwangzug has traditionally allowed its media comparative freedom; the printed word is just one facet of that media.

Zwangzug's currency is the check (), originally known as the "tynu," which replaced various regional currencies after consolidation. Most transactions are logged electronically by the pervasive (though not compulsory) ID card system, but some coins and bills are still circulated. While not all agree on the value of a check in international conversions, both Sunset and NSEconomy give Zwangzug's GDP per capita as roughly 18,440. Mechiwiki, however, suggests that this value is closer to 6,100.

The country's energy needs are predominantly met by solar panels and wind farms; three major wind farms provide power for much of Zwangzug.