The Constitutional Empire of

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Zurk File #1: Beginning & Constitution

Zurkerx can trace its origins back as far as 1500 years ago. Before the Empire was formed, twelve tribes originally were in the area of a region known as New Sopen. The tribes were the Zacvu, Obinim, Kujil, Zurxde, Arebow, Covukest, Nyasd, Murtikoana, Vejehas, Luquiy, Wusau, and Brokvur. These tribes were enemies of each other until Kuj Fish, Chief of the Zurxde Tribe, brought the other elevan tribes together to make peace. That peace would soon lead to the creation of Zurkerx on October 6, 522 AD. The twelve Chiefs then wrote a constitution which gave many rights and promoted the idea of Prosperity. There was some fighting over the drafting of the Constitution, but was finished on the one year anniversary of the Empire which is on October 6, 523 AD.

The Constitution when it was created, had 5 Amendments. Overtime however, the Constitution has been changed and modified to fit the corresponding times. The Constitution has not only provided separate powers, but also freedom and prosperity. Today's Constitution has fourteen amendments.

The Constitution of The People

Amendment I: Freedoms of People

All citizens, whether born or immigrated to the Constitutional Empire are guaranteed the rights to free speech, free press, peaceful assembly, petition, expression, and religion. Slavery is hereby outlawed and illegal to practice.

Amendment II: Weapon Rights

In either time of peace or crisis, all people have the right to carry and own any weapon. Whether a vehicle, artillery, gun, melee, or bomb; all shall be legal. The right to Conceal Carry and Stand Your Ground is hereby allowed. The government cannot take or infringed on the Second Amendment.

Amendment III: Rights of Citizens

Laws or rights not stated in this document of living words are still hereby constitutional and shall proceed to exist as such.

Amendment IV: Rights of Courts

In the case that a fellow citizen or non-citizen is accused of crime; he or she is innocent until proven guilty. The accused have a right to fair and speedy trail as well as a qualified attorney if one can not afford one. The accused will be judged based on a 12 jury member system where all must prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Amendment V: The Democracy Doctrine

The people of the Constitutional Empire have the right to live and practice in a democracy. All citizens, no matter race or gender, have the right to vote. The government formed by "We The People" will form the Legislative and Executive Branch that consists of the Lodge, the Senate, and the title of "Leader". The Lodge shall hold 600 members. The Senate shall hold 100 members. In the Lodge, a Lodger has a 2 year term and can run endlessly. A Senator has a 4 year term and can run endlessly. The title of Leader has 4 year term and can run endlessly. Elections shall take place on November 6 every two to four years. A candidate for any of these offices must swear to an oath of office and win by popular vote, which shall be deemed a simple majority.

Amendment VI: Freedom of Prosperity

All citizens have the right to prosper. Constitutional Empire hereby shall promote Free Market Capitalism and Classical Liberalism. Public unions are hereby outlawed. Private unions are deemed to exist. An employer as the right to recognize as well as not recognize said union. The employee as the right to join a union or not to join. Those who don't join a union, the union can not collect any form of assets from nonunion members. As such, Sit-Down strikes and Work-to-Rule are hereby illegal. Most union security agreements are hereby illegal as well except the case of dues checkoff, in which the employer may only collect money from union members. However, workers can strike outside of the work place, so long as the strike does not intervene with business or public activity. In the case that a union unlawfully protests, the employer reserves the right to hire said workers. The employer may also hire workers in place during the duration of the strike.

Amendment VII: Quartered of No Soldier

In the events that the Constitutional Empire is at times peace or at war, no soldier shall quarter in a place of business or private home of the individual without their permission to do such.

Amendment VIII: Rights of Privacy

An individual or place of business reserves the right to privacy. Unreasonable searches either done by the police, military, private firms, or the government are illegal unless a warrant is obtain and approved by a judge. A citizen or business may consent to have their place of business or property searched. The use of drones in the case of an investigation requires a warrant before hand. Habeas corpus is hereby legal for all citizens and non-citizens of the Constitutional Empire. In the case that a person is to look for a job, the business can not look up the individual's life, whether on social media or spying on said individual. The business may, however, look to see if the individual has a criminal record.

Amendment IX: Court of the Supreme

In times that the Constitution is needed to be interpreted, a Supreme Court is hereby established. Eight Justices and one Chief Justice shall interpret the Constitution. These Justices are nominated by the Leader and approved by two-thirds of the Senate and the Lodge. The Justices term is unlimited until either retirement, death, or impeachment if they fail to interpret the Constitution.

Amendment X: Voting Act

To ensure that corruption is limited in the event of an election and amend the Fifth Amendment, voters must have a bar code on an ID such as a driver's license or military ID to swipe in order to vote. In the case that they don't have an ID, the voter may use their fingerprints which no private information is to be displayed or downloaded. This shall be over watched by non biased independent individual groups. When said election is over, the loaded information must be deleted and destroy to prevent data into the wrong hands though a record of how many who voted is to be kept. The voting age shall be 18 years of age.

Amendment XI: Military Act

In times of national defense or service, all able body male individuals must serve for one year in any military branch they choose. Those that are blind, deaf, mentally disabled, or crippled are hereby exempted. A Selective Service is hereby formed and a Draft to be exercise in times of war.

Amendment XII: Liberty Amendment

To ensure all citizens and non-citizens live happily, the Constitutional Empire shall promote more liberty. All drugs, including alcohol, are legal and can be bought at the age 18. Free marriage and gay marriage is hereby legal and outlaws fixed marriages. Prostitution, gambling, and the lottery are to be legal as well. An individual can now drive at the age fifteen if they passed a written and driving test. Other liberties shall be passed by Congress and referendums can be proposed by the people. It is illegal to outlaw liberties unless the people decide in a referendum by a simple majority.

Amendment XIII: The English Clause

In times when all citizens and non-citizens must understand each other, hereby establishes English as the official language of the Constitution Empire and must be taught and learned by all to ensure understandable communication. However, all people reserve the right to speak other languages to others in the name of tradition and private lives.

Amendment XIV: Volunteer Amendment

To add further liberty to the people of the Constitutional Empire, the Selective Service and Mandatory Conscription are hereby nulled and illegal and made into a volunteer service. However, the Draft may exist in times of war. Women are now allowed to serve in any military branch they deem to be acceptable. All people of the Constitutional Empire have the right to help others voluntary without criminal process. All citizens actions are hereby voluntary unless in the case of a criminal act.