The Constitutional Empire of

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Zurk File #7: Empire Politics

Despite The Constitutional Empire of Zurkerx being an Empire, it is a Constitutional Republic that abides by Democracy. Since its founding in 522 AD, it has adopted the ideas of a Republic (later Republicanism) and Democracy. During the same year that Zurkerx was founded, a Constitution was form to protect the people, which at the time had five amendments and today with fourteen. Through the years, Zurkerx has survived the many conflicts that any nation faced. Though corruption lingers, it is limited due to the fact of the passing severe punishments ranging from heavy fines to death.

Politics of the Empire are classified as being Libertarian with slight conservative leanings. The country is generally for Laissez Faire Capitalism, Free Market, and Libertarianism. Before, Zurkerx had a mix of left and right ideologies with the people evenly divided. However, in the 1920s, the left has significantly lost support in the economic realm because the people see the left's idea of economics as nothing more than fail damaging policies. The 1920s also seen an increase liberalism and capitalism, and a decrease in conservatism. Militarily, the population tends to be Somewhat Neoconservative.

The country has three branches of government: the executive, legislative, and judicial; all have their checks and balances. The Executive known as the Palace, is headed by the President and has a four year term. The Legislative branch is called the Miktsrod (Assembly); and it is a combination of the United Kingdom Parliament and US Congress. It consists of the Lodge (600 Seats) and the Senate (120 Seats). The Judicial, known as the Royal Court, consists of nine justices which are selected by the President and approved by the people. However, there are two other unofficial branches of government: the media and Zurk Mafia. The Media serves as the branch of truth, always telling the people what the government plans on doing. The Zurk Mafia serves as the government's unofficial spy organization, which both works for and against the government.

Many political parties exist in the Constitutional Empire. Despite the decline in the thinking of the left's ideology, there are still a few parties on the left though they are meniscal in comparison to the parties on the right.

Political Parties:

Royal Party- A Far Right Wing Party.
Stands For: Pro-Life, Civil Unions, Pro-Business, Protectionism, Anti-Minimum Wage, Anti-Drug.
Seats in the Lodge: 145.
Seats in the Senate: 32.

Golden Civics Party- A Right to Far Right Wing Party.
Stands For: Pro-Choice, Private Marriage, Pro-Market, Free Trade, Anti-Minimum Wage, Legalization of Drugs.
Seats in the Lodge: 250.
Seats in the Senate: 50.

Reform Party- A Center-Right Wing Party.
Stands For: Pro-Choice, Same-Sex Marriage, Pro-Market, Semi-Free Trade, Minimum Wage, Marijuana Legalization.
Seats in the Lodge: 205.
Seats in the Senate: 38.

Social Liberal Party- A Center-Left Wing Party.
Stands For: Pro-Choice, Same-Sex Marriage, Mixed Economy, Semi-Unionization.
0 Seats

Black Hand Party- A Left Wing Party.
Stands For: Pro-Choice, Same-Sex Marriage, Socialism, Unionization.
0 Seats

Anarchist Party- A Far Left Wing Party.
Stands For: Communism, Anarchy, Legalization of Drugs, Civil Liberties.
0 Seats