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Zurk File #4: The Empire's Red Skulls

The Unison of Red Skulls

Leaving Nothing But a Trail of Blood and Crushed Skulls; Tainted With The Enemy's Blood and The Victims That Stood in Their Way. They March, They Chant, They Sing Blood River; From Their Home and Back.

Like many nations that reside in the region of Zentari, they have compulsory military service. The 14th Amendment of the Constitution in the Constitutional Empire of Zurkerx has made such illegal. A law that passed five years ago called "The Military Re-Organizing Act", combined most of the army branches within the Empire to focus on saving costs and redirecting them to one branch. Keeping the name the Red Skulls, it also consists of the Mountain Legion, Royal Guard, Royal SEALs, and Sniper Tactical Assassin. All of these groups, minus the Secret Commando Service and Samurai, will all be combined. However, there are many benefits to joining this Unison.

These benefits include the Empire helping a soldier with their education, being well trained in many tactics, in good health, getting a pension, and showing pride for the Empire. However, in order to qualify for such benefits, one must join the Unison first. From there, they go through eight years of military school, specialization school where they are taught Tuscuz (Forever Divining); a combination of Isshin-Ryu, Krav Maga, Karate, Judo, Systema, Kobudō, Brazilian Kick Boxing, and Kung Fu (Wushu). They are educated in special operations, military tactics, strategy, and vehicle/weapon handling. In addition, they are trained in everyday combat situations, close quarters combat, terrorist operations, and Mafia Operations. They are also thrown in the a multitude of climates for 4 weeks to survive on their own. This is done several times over the course of their training in different environments. They also do one on one fights, squad fights, and war re-enactment so these soldiers are ready to fight at a minute's notice.

Since there is only one soldier program, every soldier is elite minus training done by the Samurai and Secret Commando Service. Every soldier is kept in great health, vaccinated, and supported by the great technology within the Empire. They are trained as all purpose soldiers in terms of land, sea, and air. They take pride for what they fight for and what they stand for.

Equipment: The Things They Wear

After all of the training is done, they are equipped then with their equipment. This consists of a combination of intelligence, armor, tactical gear, etc. The suit of armor they wear is call the Warrior Suit: a suit that consists of Dragon Skin Armor, Kevlar woven with diligent gel, Silicone gel, polyester, and Graphene, along with Carbon Fiber plating, covers the entire body of the soldier. This suit of armor has electronics that keeps the soldier cool/warm in extreme climate conditions. It has the ability to withstand multiple high caliber rounds at close range. Flexible, the soldier is able to move comfortably and carry a multitude of equipment. Resistant to an EMP, the Newton System redirects and disperses the electromagnetic waves.

The Balkan Headset, a helmet that is made of the same materials, has the ability to toggle Infrared, X-Ray, and Night Vision. It can zoom in and out, distinguish from friend (blue) or foe (red). Containing a BIO-CHEM Mask, it is designed to protect the soldier in a NBC Environment. With amplifiers on each ear, the soldier can hear a further distance away while also muting sounds they can select. A transmitter with a voice recorder and mike is found within and it can disguise one's voice and translate and speak any language. A small antenna, which can be expanded, can reach anyone even in the high attitudes of Zentari.

A backpack known as the Bear-Pac, is made of the same materials as well. In it contains a nutrient water pack that holds one gallon. A rubber tube is connected and goes through the Balkan Headset to provide water for the soldier. They carry a wide variety of food ranging from rolls, crackers, canned fruit/vegetables, energy bars, chocolate, etc. Essential equipment include a can opener, a lighter, matches, Swish Army Knife, flare gun, spy drones, tracking device, and a portable collapsing tablet.

The soldier wears Electron Gloves, gloves that are woven with Kevlar and cotton. In these gloves, contains a 500 volt shock that can be rechargeable. On the outer parts of the gloves, there is a built in brass knuckles and holographic scanner. The soldier wears Magneto Boots, which can detect any unexploded ordinance within a three foot radius that is two feet under. Made of strong rubbers, polyesters, Kevlar, and tin layer of steel, these shoes are tough enough to withstand debris.

In cases of sea invasion, they are equipped with amphibious gear and pressure suits and gliders for air invasions.

Equipment: The Things They Carry

The Red Skulls have a variety weapons to choose from. While a majority carry the Warrior 5Z Assault Rifle (an all purpose weapon), some do opt for sub machine guns, shot guns, other rifles, and machine guns. Their primary sidearm is the BT-45 (Black Tiger 45), which is a handgun though some carry its predecessor the LinkAztec.


LinkWarrior 5Z: 30 round 6.5x39mm magazine. It weighs 5 pounds unloaded and 6 pounds loaded. It can shoot 600 RPM. A soldier can carry 420 rounds.

Black Tiger 45: 15 round .45 Caliber clips. Weighs 26 ounces unloaded and 44 ounces loaded. It can shoot 80 RPM. A soldier can carry 120 rounds. Can carry two of these guns.

See more at this factbook:

Weight: 5 pounds (unloaded). 6 pounds (loaded)
Length: 34 inches (863.6 mm)
Barrel Length: 16 inches (406.4 mm)
Caliber: 6.5x39
Operation: Short stroke gas operated, rotating bolt
Fire Rate: 600 rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 820 m/s
Effective Range: 650 meters
Feed System: 30 round magazine (Standard)
Sights: Iron sights, modified Comp M4S sight (with magnification and aura blue crosshairs).
Fire Options: Safe/Semi/Burst/Auto

Brief Background:

The Warrior 5Z is the current and all purpose assault rifle of the Constitutional Empire. It is also the fifth generation of Warrior assault rifles and the second to use the 6.5 Caliber (first was the LinkWarrior 4R). Previous models used the 6.8 Remington. The Warrior 5Z was shown to be very reliable as it has been in all conditions; from hot to cold, sand to mud, water to ice, dirt to rocks; it has survived all. A slightly larger opening on the side of the gun allows the cartridges to leave reality more easily. Holes on the heat protector around the barrel allows for easier cooling as well as special gel, thinly put into the plastic, allows for further cooling, and even a slight warm up in colder climates. It is remarkably light, incorporating polymers that decreases the weapons weight. The 6.5 Grendel delivers excellent performances in all ranges, especially at long ranges. Magazines range from 10, 20, 30, 45, 50, and 100. Buffers makes the recoil low so a solider can fire on full auto without a problem. It is like the Warrior 4R except with a different hand guard and much lighter. A soldier can carry 420 rounds (14 magazines) plus 30 rounds in the gun already. Despite being the popular military weapon of choice (97%), it is also popular with private citizens and comes in a variety of other calibers.

Weight: 26oz (unloaded). 44oz (loaded)
Length: 9 inches inches (228.6 mm)
Barrel Length: 5.2 inches (132.1 mm)
Caliber: .45
Operation: Short recoil operation
Fire Rate: 80 rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 255 m/s
Effective Range: 100-125 meters
Feed System: 15 round magazine (Standard)
Sights: Iron sights
Fire Options: Semi-auto

Brief Background:

The Black Tiger 45 (BT45) is the new and current service pistol for the Constitutional Empire. It has replace the Aztec, the former service pistol of the Empire. The pistol, like its predecessor, shoots a .45 Caliber round. Like the Warrior 4R, it is very reliable. The pistol is made of light durable polymers to make the weapon lighter, and for troops to carry more rounds. It has a slightly larger opening to allow the cartridges to leave more easily. Magazines range from 15, 17, 20, and 25. A soldier can carry 120 rounds (8 clips) plus 15 rounds in the gun already. Despite being recently introduced, it is a very popular weapon among the military and citizens.
(It's not a Glock, it may look it, but it is different)

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MK .45 Punch: 30 round .45 Caliber clips. Weighs 5 pounds 6 ounces unloaded and 6 pounds and 8 ounces loaded. It shoots 450 RPM. A soldier can carry 300 rounds.

Marlin 40: 30 round .40 Caliber clips. Weighs 4 pounds and 10 ounces and 5 pounds and 8 ounces when loaded. It shoots 660 RPM. A soldier can carry 360 rounds.

Grant 3 Rifle: 10 round .338 lapua magazine. Weighs 6 pounds unloaded and 7 pounds and two ounces loaded. It shoots 70 RPM. A soldier can carry 180 rounds.

Johnson Combat Rifle (JCR): 20 round 6.5 magazines. Weighs 5 pounds and 8 ounces unloaded and 6 pounds and 4 ounces loaded. It shoots 100 RPM. A soldier can carry 360 round.

Black Widow 2 Bolt Action: 5 round .338 Magazines. Weighs 7 pounds loaded and 7 pounds and 6 ounces loaded. It shoots 30 RPM. A soldier can carry 70 rounds.

Aztec Pistols: 10 round .45 Caliber clips. Weighs 36 ounces unloaded and 52 ounces loaded. It shoots 75 RPM. A soldier can carry 120 rounds. Can carry one or two.

Six Zappa Kabas Knives (6 inch diamond edge, made of carbon, titanium, and steel. Can be thrown as well.)

Optional: One or two 8 inch Bowie Knifes and or Tomahawks or machetes

6 Stal Grenades (steel fragments) Weight: 12 oz, Length: 3.5 inches, Diameter: 2.5 inches with Compostion B.

2 Foggers, a mix of flash, smoke, and stun in one.

2 Greek Fire Grenades (Naphtha with Napalm).

A Laser Sensor Titanium Claymore (3,500 3.2mm steel balls set into epoxy resin and steel shell that fragments)

Two mini-claymores (1500 3.2mm steel balls and steel shell that fragments)