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Zurkerx Political Tests

Overall Classification: Libertarian

What I call myself: Golden Civic/Moderate Libertarian

50% Right (5.0), 52.8% (5.28) Liberal

Economic Right: 4.88; Social Libertarian: -6.46

You are a Right Social Libertarian

Economic Right: 4.79; Social Libertarian: 7.76

Foreign Policy: -.34; Culture: -5.82

Moderately Capitalist & Socially Libertarian

Economic Score: +3.1
Social Score: -6.96

Moderate capitalists usually support free trade and low taxes, but take pragmatic stances according to what they believe will be best for business and workers.

Social libertarians generally believe that the government should not judge morality, and are generally against the illegalization of things that do not directly affect other people in a negative way. Many strong social libertarians may also be social progressives, favoring legislation to correct what they see as socially backwards governmental regulation, although some simply wish for the government to make little judgment on social matters.

Average Economic Score: 4.44
Average Social Score: -6.62