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Drakonism is the belief that the Great Dragon caused Life, the Universe, and Everything to be created. Exactly how this happened is subject of debate within the Drakonist community.

Some believe an act of sex created life, and others believe life is a dream of the Great Dragon. The former group is usually refered to as 'the Followers of the Sleeping Dragon' (or 'Sleepers' for short), the latter is called 'the Followers of the Dreaming Dragon' (or 'Dreamers' for short).

The gender of the Great Dragon is also under dispute: about 35% of the faithful believe Xe is hermaphrodite, about 25% believes He is male, about 25% believe She is female, and about 15% believe It has no gender; members of the last group are almost all 'Dreamers'.

All Drakonists believe that when the Great Dragon wakes, the World will come to an end.

The Nudist States of Yannia