The Fabulously Modest Kingdom of
Democratic Socialists

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The Exorcism of The Military

Ever since the government of King Phil was "elected" various legislation has been passed that opposes all forms of military based activity. No money is spent on nuclear stockpiles, troops, bombs, guns, battleships, tanks or anything similar. The purpose of this is twofold, it a.) Saves Money that can be spent on benefiting the welfare of Wackiest's population and b.) Acts as a wonderful deterrent to any country that may consider waging war on Wackiest. All weapons are seriously controlled and any exports into Wackiest are carefully monitored to prevent illegal firearms finding their way into the country.

This is based on King Phil's marvelous wisdom that no country in their right mind would attack a country that clearly displays a complete absence of military strength. This is because other nations would be of the opinion that no country in their right mind would actively have no military, and this proclaimed anti-military standpoint, must surely be some sort of clever ruse.
Essentially the government has set up an elaborate double bluff. Or has it?