The Theocracy of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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Ranking System

Chief Coalescence: Miriam Goodwinson (the Current Head of State and Government of The United Way. No challenges have been made against her administration thus far. Due to her status as an Advent tied with the Unity, it is unclear how humans blessed by the way can attain this rank. Legally, however, humans are not barred from becoming Chief Coalescence, but they would lack the various benefits brought by the Unity.)
Archsaint (link with the Unity is not necessary for this rank, and there are multiple human Archsaints) (OF-12)
Saint (OF-11)

(NOTE: These three ranks serve as the members of the Coalescence, the Council that serves as The United Way's form of government.)

Archprophet (OF-10)
Prophet (OF-9) (Marian Goodwinson, a niece of Miriam's, currently holds this rank.)
Archdominatrix (OF-8)
Dominatrix / Dominator (OF-7)
Females who hold the above ranks are referred to as "Mothers"
Females who hold the ranks below are referred to as "Sisters"

Abbess (OF-6)
(OF) ranking is akin to NATO ranking, helps standardize ranking system with other factions
Aka OF-10 is usually seen as Fleet Admiral, but since Broes have billions of people OF-10 is Admiral rank for us, and that means they control a whole lot of people
At any rate, below Abbess, there's a three pronged system
The first "Prong" is the Bureaucratic branch:
Archpriestess (the typical rank for most representitives of The United Way.) (OF-5)
Priestess (OF-4)
Cleric / Curate (OF-3)
Nun / Monk (OF-2)
Acolyte (OF-1)
Initiate (Trainee/Cadet)(
(As you may know, female Advent are the ones with psychic abilities, so feminine title tends to appear first.)
The second "Prong" is also referred to as The Path of the Psintegrate:
(Bureaucrat Path doesn't get special Title but the Perk is that you gradually learn mind control and influencing techniques)
The third "Prong" is also known as The Path of the Scryer:
Psintegrates serve as the martial experts, the main branch of infantry and otherwise telekinesis and psychic combat
Scryers serve in advisory roles and as strategists. The title of "Scryer" is pretty important, and Scryers who eventually promote to Abbottess and higher hold a specific place of honor amongst The United Way
The latter two Prongs are usually called The Illuminaries, which serve as the equivalent of Knights Templar
Scryers probably focus more on manning Artillery batteries. Both Psintegrates and Scryers serve in armored divisions and in the United Way Starfleet
For the Aeon or otherwise Human Followers of The Way within The United Way, it is actually easier for humans to earn the Scryer rank than Advent. Human creativity thrives when compared to the ease of communication and thought-sharing when one is linked with the Unity
While there are a limited (as in they cannot afford to help fight a battle of attrition) number of Archsaints in The United Way, many Archsaints are actually human, and all but two of the human ones took the Scryer path in their youth.
Should Miriam fall, either in battle or because of old age, there's a good chance a Human Archsaint might take her place, but without The Unity, logistics and cohesion is notably more difficult