The Armed Republic of
Civil Rights Lovefest

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What Do You Want?

That is the most important Question.

There will be those who would ask "Who Are You?" Ignore them. Clearly, they are violating your privacy.

One must always consider what one Wants in life.

As for us, we are unimportant. We simply watch as people grow within the cosmos. If it is necessary, we appear before them, pushing them towards a path that would benefit them. Sometimes, violence and pain is necessary for growth. More often, however, simple advice or even a tiny bit of assistance is all that's needed.

We are the Shadows of the Void. We wish that all young races will grow strong. That is our purpose. For the lot of you, our presence is unnecessary. You grow at your own pace, and we need not help. Some who are tainted by stagnation need that hearty kick to the rear, and others might be overwhelmed at the sheer scale of it all. If weakness plagues you; if the rot of contentment and negligence overtakes your people...

We Will Be There