The Confederacy of
Scandinavian Liberal Paradise

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Military of Techno Socialystiche

When the nations decided to unite in Confederation, an agreement was reached that lasted nearly 50 years to dismantle the Armed Forces with the aim of achieving peace among the nations, which required an immense legislative and collective effort of part of the society in all levels.

Recruitment was voluntary but after some disastrous external events, conscription was also chosen. Convinced that a peace would not last forever, and being aware of the weakness they presented to foreign nations, Techno Socialystiche has chosen to expand (albeit slowly) the armed forces, starting first with security forces whose task would be to protect the main legislative and administrative buildings of the Confederation. This security would also be guaranteed for the politicians who met in their sessions, although not precisely as bodyguards, that is, they would not be with them 24 hours a day, only during meetings of great political importance.
This guards are called Livgarde. It is a small military body made up of 50 members in each of the 5 nations or parts of the Confederation, however, despite its small size, they are good and well trained in both strong hand-to-hand combat training as well as the use of firearms (automatic weapons and guns), and they have taken courses and military exercises with the elite corps of the The Communist Bloc Given the clearly defensive nature of the Livgarde, they are not forces of an offensive nature, nor do they spend much time away on military exercises. On the other hand, knowing that their numbers is not enough to repel a large enemy assault, they are not the only troops available. Techno Socialystiche, in accordance with its clear defensive posture, it has an Artillery Brigade with 22mm cannons, and it seeks to expand the caliber to at least 35mm. The ammunition is anti-tank and anti-aircraft, and of course its effect would be devastating against a person. It has at least 5,000 men, although expansion to 7,000 is sought.

The military doctrine is never to attack at first, Techno Socialystiche believes in the defense of the Confederation.
Military growth is gradual and with some suspicion, due to the old wars between nations and certain slowness and obstructions when it comes to legislating. For the moment, Techno Socialystiche trust the The Communist Bloc and its guarantee of security and peace. To maintain experience, they constantly participate (at least the Artillery Brigades) in military exercises.

Since the Armed Forces do not have a high budget, an expansion in the number of personnel as well as massive purchases of weapons is not sought. Techno Socialystiche relies more on the cooperation of The Communist Bloc air force. This obviously means that Techno Socialystiche does not have an Air Force. Much of the budget allocated to aircraft is for the commercial sector and space exploration, being a Confederation that gives great importance to technological advancement (and education above all). Techno Socialystiche takes great pride in its planes, which are capable of reaching 4,000 kilometers per hour as their top speed (so travel is virtually instantaneous), and in space they are up to 5 times faster.

Total members of the Armed Forces: 15,250, following the creation of the Static Division
Livgarde (Elite force)
Artillery Brigade (Main force)
Static Division (Reserve force)