The Confederacy of
Scandinavian Liberal Paradise

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A little lesson of geography and history

It is made up of 5 countries that together form the Confederation: Germang, Denciryark, Norring, Swelka and Finnim.
In ancient times, they were separate countries with their respective forms of government, with alliances and fights between them for multiple reasons. In reality, there was little cultural and linguistic difference between the people and nations, and the process to create the Confederation was a long and arduous one. When this happened, national sovereignty was respected and the capitals of each nation have great weight in the politics of the confederacy called Techno Socialystiche

Little by little, the barriers that existed have been blurred, forming almost a single very large country that push for socialism, and every day seeks to improve the living conditions of its citizens, as well as minimize social and economic differences. Each capital of each region has supreme political importance, participating in a full democracy.