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Socialist Republic of Tyrotrosk

Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Tyrotrosk, a young, democratic and egalitarian eastern European nation. Resurrecting after a bloody civil war in 1992, with the end of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, we keep alive the flame of socialism in the world and support the struggle of workers in all countries against capitalist exploitation and oppression. Our country is a strong and healthy socialist and progressive democracy, our people have full political freedoms and civil rights. We are a secular nation in which the majority of the population is atheist, however the state is secular and religious freedom is guaranteed by the constitution. All power belongs to the people who exercise it through representatives elected by universal suffrage and also through plebiscites and popular initiative. We are a democratic state of law with separation of powers and political pluralism. There are 4 parties in our country: Communist Party of Tyrotrosk, Social Democratic Workers Party of Tyrotrosk, Green Party of Tyrotrosk and the Progressive Party of Tyrotrosk in addition to numerous leftist movements both communist and anarchist. Our country has a planned economy, the means of production belong to workers and are managed by the state that distributes wealth equally, economic activity is not aimed at profit but at social well-being. The state provides quality public services to all citizens, education, health, security, housing, culture, infrastructure and the environment are the focus of the government in addition to an advanced program to combat hunger and income distribution. The people of Tyrotrosk are strong, hardworking and happy to live in a free and equal country. We are a hospitable and friendly country, we are open to tourism and immigration, everyone is welcome in Tyrotrosk.