The Armed Republic of
Corrupt Dictatorship

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About St. Basilia

Party Anthem: Internationale
Anthem: State Anthem of St. Basilia (tune of old Libyan anthem) [used at sporting events and diplomatic visits]

Military marches: Slavyanka (Army), Katyusha (Artillerist's division of army), Let's Go (Air Force), The open deployment (Marines and Navy)

Official Languages: English, Catalan, Russian (old orthography), Polish, Esperanto, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Mandarin (Traditional Chinese),Tajik Persian, Urdu, Uzbek, Somali, German, Dutch

Recognised Religions: Rabbinic Judaism, Latin Rite Catholicism, Islam, Eastern Rite Catholicism, Buddhism, Jainism, Baha'i, Hinduism, Sikhi, Slavic neopaganism, Roman and Hellenic Neopaganism, Coptic Orthodoxy, Samaritanism, Karaite Judaism, Germanic neopaganism

National Birds: Common Ostrich, Mourning dove, Parrots (all species of parrot), Emu, South cassowary, single-wattled cassowary, Bennett's cassowary, Peafowl [(all 3 species of peafowl)], Northern Cardinal, American Crow

National aquatic animals: Sockeye salmon, cod, common carp, Cthulhu, Walleye

State Ideology: Leninism
Government type: One-Party dominant democracy

Cannabis: Legal, recreational and medicinal in private settings

Dominant Party: People's Party

Nuclear Power: Online

Euthanasia (medically assisted death): Legal

Death penalty and cannibalism: Legal

Divorce: Banned

Alcohol: Banned (except for religious or scientific purposes, can be prescribed as medicine)

Parliament: Unicameral (single housed) Supreme Soviet

Capital: Wellston

National mammals: Virginia opossum, capybara, kangaroo, rhesus monkey

Drives on: Right side