The Commonwealth of
Psychotic Dictatorship

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The must to know about Rocebard

The Commonwealth of Rocebard is a socialist democratic state focused on its people. Its people's safety, health and education are the most important subject to the government. That's why it's working on it everyday, ever trying to improve its people living conditions.
People there are very welcoming and will accept you regardless of your origins. This country is promised to be a little paradise on earth.
This explain our Moto, "Together for the future", because every Rocebardian is here to improve the country for the next generation, on repeat, to create a true paradise on earth.
This way thinking leads to a great social cohesiveness between Rocebardians.

The country's flag has a red triangle with a scythe and a hammer, to keep the link with the socialism we come from, the Russian one. It explains the red, the hammer and the scythe, but what for the triangle ? We chose a triangle because of the three most important pillars of our society, "safety, health and education". Add to that, there are alternate lines of violet, that is a reference to "humanism" and orange to symbolize "equality". Two very important way of living that affect our country.

"Long live the people, long live Rocebard !


Dropuyr Enrico, Communication manager of Rocebard