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Zueburg is the central province of pantsville and the 3rd most populated province. It also houses the capital of Pantsvile Panopolis.

Early Ages
Zueburg was allegedly named after Chief Zue of an old Tribe in the area, who conquered a large amount of the area.
Tribes and kingdoms in the Zuebug area were conquered by the atanian Kingdom in the mid 1400s. During the revolution of 1668 a group Zueburg nationalist broke away from the atanian kingdom and Formed there own kingdom Under king Oton I.

Oton Dynasty
Zueburg thrived under the Oton dynasty and because of its relaxed monarchical rule it was the only area that wasn't affected by the 1823 Revolutions. Zueburg was the 2nd province to enter the industrial age and become the most advance province by the early 1900s. When the Final king of the Oton dynasty died in 1960, A man named Stan barnes took control of Zueburg.
Modern Times
2 years later Barnes met with 2 other leaders to form the State of Pantsville. He moved the capital to Panopolis to distance the country from its previous rule. Zueburg saw its second economic boom in the 1970s thanks to the joining of the MEC. After Barnes died Zueburg was turned into a massive collectivist industry under the rule of Cedric Williamson. During the Pantsvillean revolution in 2011 the main government cracked down on most protest in zueburg but it was eventually captured by the Free peoples army in early 2012. In modern times Zueburg remains the powehouse of the country.