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Political parties of Pantsville


Democratic party:
Currently holds the majority of power in the administrative and legislative branches of government. Mainly center-libertarian leaning and prioritizes Personal freedoms and living conditions of the people. Party was founded in 2012 by Marcus Moore. The current Party leader is President Lian Apello.
Conservative party:
Moderately right leaning party. Holds majority power in the supreme court. second most popular party in pantsville. Moderately right leaning, heavy emphasis on industry and social security. Founded by jimmy o'hara in 2013. Current leader is Michael Hughes
Libertarian party:
Quickly rising lib-right party. some level of influence in government. Heavy emphasis on industry and economic freedom. Party was founded in 2016 by Otto Goranson who remains the party leader.


Socialist party:
Left-wing democratic socialist party. Believes they should flow with the system and make changes inside the system peacefully. Party was founded by Ariella Jervis in 2003.
United Pantsville Party
Ruling party from 1961 to 1996. Somewhat autocratic party, believe Pantsville needs a head strong leader that will achieve stability and minimize threats of instability in society. Founded by Stanley Barnes in 1961
Right-wing party. Very religious, believe that Pantsville should become self-dependent and wants tight immigration laws. Questionably racist. Party was founded by Allen Purcell in 2017
Green Party:
Cares about the environment a lot. Thinks pantsville should do more to protect the environment, despite being already extremely eco-friendly. Created by
Petra Jenson in 2019.
Anarchist party:
Seen as a joke in the political community. Thinks there should be no laws or government. Leader is currently Jailed