The Federal Republic of
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Government System

The Federal Government System of Pantsville Includes 3 branches:

The Legislative Branch: Includes the senate, 1 senator is elected from each of the 25 counties. There are 5 head senators which are electe from each of the provinces and a chancellor who is ellected nationwide. The senate is responsible for making laws, and dealing with problems on a national scale. senators can serve up to 4 terms. Each term last 5 years.

Ministry Branch: Includes the president, vice president, and secretary of state. It also includes the Cabinet, each person with a specialty in a certain field. The last member of this branch is the ambassador, who monitors and records foreign affairs. The president has an election every 5 years and can serve 2 terms max.

Judiciary Branch: Includes the supreme court. 1 judge is selected per region. The supreme court reviews laws to see if they align to the constitution.
A judge can serve one term that will last 25 years.

Each region has a governor and there own senate. They are in charge of public healthcare, education, and transportation.