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Pantsvillean Civil War

After Cedric Williamson and the communist party took power an economic crash occurred, causing the Pantsvillean Civil war. It started when Manuela Berggren started a protest riot in the city of Falmata. When the police started firing on the rioters, more people came with arms of their own. When Williamson heard news of the riot he ordered the national guard to "neutralize the situation". By he time the national guard arrived in Falmata the damage had already been done, and they were forced to retreat back to pants city. Meanwhile a nationalist group in itheart had also started revolting but the government was too focused on the situation in Falmata to do anything. Manuela Berggren rallied the revolutionist saying that Williamson was trying to establish a dictatorship and were decreasing living conditions. She created the "democratic liberation army of pantsville". They quickly stormed antania where major military outpost were at and after lot of vicious fighting managed to take control of the province. Meanwhile in itaert the nationalist group successfully defeated most of the military which were already demoralized. The liberation army defeated the nationalist in itaert as they couldn't lose the water supply itaert had. The revolutionists marched to Panapolis where the revolutionist combated with the military. The morale of the military was very low and the revolutionist were able to break into the capitol building and arrest Williamson. The revolutionist wrote a new constitution that would allow free and fair elections, more distributed power, and Economic balance.