The Bandit Kings of

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Tribal Militaism

Small by the standards of major military powers, the Pale Mountains formal military structure is predominatedly limited by a tribal mentality. Much of their military strength is spent internally amongst each other in endless attempts to devastate their neighbors and dominate. This predilection is so strong it is difficult to muster formal troops in the region.

By contrast, the tribal forces of the nation are large indeed. If Klesh is looking stout auxiliaries to it's feared military, they need look no further than their ralcitrant province. 

The indigs don't really care who they fight for as long as the money is good. However they are extremely difficult to control due to their varied species and extraordinary powers and fiercely individualistic personalities.  

Units are composed of a single species and are indeterminate in size. They are a whole village or city's warriors or a large portion of one. 

The weapons used are very advanced but are mostly for personal use. Not much in the way of heavy ordinance. This is countered by the innate properties of the people. Some are giants and immensely strong. Some are goblins who have supernatural abilities. There are humans, imps & Saurites. There are a handful of dragons who control large formal forces through the terror of their persona. These are the most mixed in composition and versatile. They are also the best trained and are rated highly by both allies and enemies.