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2019-20 Platinum League Midseason Analysis

Analysis for each team

Record: 12W, 5D, 2L, 38 GF, 22 GA, +16 GD, 41 points, 4th place

Preseason ranking: 5th

Led by the formidable attacking trio of Michel Allard (8 goals), Theodosius Hadjitis (6 goals), and Louis Androu (11 goals), scoring 25 combined goals between the three, Agrinion sits in fourth place with 41 points. The Eagles have consistently shined in the top five positions and look to be competitive with the Tropics, West Sparta, and Phalatis in the second half. They also look to fend off Sparta City for a Champions League spot.

Record: 5W, 8D, 6L, 20 GF, 22 GA, -2 GD, 23 points, 11th place

Preseason ranking: 6th

Cerbon came into the season with high expectations as they look to compete with the top squads in the league. They started off hot but have been plagued with cold streaks. The duo of Jose Guerrero (3 goals) and Javier Ruiz (5 goals) have both been underwhelming. If Cerbon wants to improve in the 2nd half of the season, they need to jumpstart their attack to be more effective. Their midfielders have been effective, with Ahmad Salih (3 goals) and Alfonso Andrade (3 goals) doing a lot of the work, but their forwards need to finish.

Record: 10W, 5D, 4L, 27 GF, 18 GA, +9 GD, 35 points, 6th place

Preseason ranking: 14th

Cooktown has made quite a jump this year. Their expectations were rather low because they have finished 15th last year and are a smaller-market team. This year, they made a huge jump and the attacking duo of Erotas Antonou (7 goals) and Max Koska (7 goals) have been outstanding. They also have one of the top defenses, conceding only 18 goals, which puts them in the top 4 for defense.

Record: 3W, 6D, 10L, 20 GF, 29 GA, -9 GD, 15 points, 15th place

Preseason ranking: 12th

Cythara has started off its season undefeated for the first five games, notching a win and four draws. As the season went on, they have faded away, and their seven losses in the past eight games have held them back. They need to close out more games and they had numerous occasions where they drew against other middling/lower level teams. Overall, Cythara has looked underwhelming and they need to win more or else they're at risk for relegation.

Record: 2W, 4D, 13L, 5 GF, 25 GA, -20 GD, 10 points, 20th place

Preseason ranking: 11th place

Cytioch has been very underwhelming. They were expected to be a mid-level team and had the roster to do so, but they have looked bad for a lot of the season. Injuries to their forwards Takis Peridis (2 goals) and Zaid Pasha (2 goals) didn’t help, but when they were on the field, they weren’t very effective. Cytioch’s glaring problem is their lack of an attacking offense. Their midfielders are lacking in playmaking and passing while the forwards need to create open space to get those goal opportunities. If Cytioch doesn’t rejuvenate their offense they might be the first team to get relegated.

Record: 3W, 7D, 9L, 13 GF, 26 GA, -13 GD, 16 points, 14th place

Preseason ranking: 19th

Kallurias is one of the three newly-promoted teams from the Gold League. They have had a tough time adjusting to the fast-paced Platinum League, but they have performed better than what their expectations suggest. FW Orestis Valou (5 goals) has been a bright spot on their team, and they’re going to need him to score more for Kallurias to stay competitive in the Platinum League.

Record: 15W, 2D, 2L, 39 GF, 12 GA, +27 GD, 47 points, 1st place

Preseason ranking: 1st

The juggernaut Tropics have high expectations to win the Platinum League after they made moves to shore up their defense and attack. They came close to winning last year but narrowly lost to West Sparta in the title chase. They have the best defense in the league with their “Green Wall” only conceding 12 goals. Led by GK Taylor Health and defenders Juan Pareja (1 goal), Khazir Khan (2 goals), Dimos Chronelis (1 goal), and Emiel Snijder (1 goal), the Tropics have normally stifled their opponents’ attack. However, they are also strong on the attacking end, which is led by forwards Sergios Anastidis (11 goals) and Asante Koma (8 goals) as well as midfielder Tekiner Koprulu (5 goals).

Record: 7W, 6D, 6L, 23 GF, 20 GA, +3 GD, 27 points, 10th place

Preseason ranking: 8th

Kouraea United has been overshadowed by their rival Tropics but they still got good pieces of their own. Aside from a few dry spells, they have done a good job staying near the top positions. They have a decent attacking trio led by forwards Luis Sanchez (7 goals), Silas Trainakis (3 goals), and Stathis Kosteas (5 goals). Their defense is also good but not anything mindblowing. Overall, United has a good core of players but they need more production from either end to go to the next level.

Record: 2W, 7D, 10L, 12 GF, 30 GA, -18 GD, 13 points, 19th place

Preseason ranking: 13th

Magoas had the expectations of being a lower-middle team – one that would be in the bottom-half of the table but would avoid relegation. However, this season hasn’t been the best for them as they could only muster two wins along with seven draws. Their defense is one of the worst in the league, having allowed 30 goals, and their offense needs to show dramatic improvement. Their attacking trio of Arjen Artensen (4 goals), Isidoros Sarantilis (2 goals), and Kodzo Mondli (2 goals) need to produce more. It also doesn’t help that in their last five games, they produced four draws and one loss. A more polished attack could have given them the firepower to turn those draws into wins.

Record: 3W, 8D, 8L, 13 GF, 24 GA, -11 GD, 17 points, 13th place

Preseason ranking: 10th

Old Sparta is currently in the bottom-half of the standings. Although they have had signature wins against Kouraea United and West Sparta, they have more or less struggled with fellow mid-table teams and even the bottom-feeders. Their main problem is their lack of punch in the offense. Alex Mirou (4 goals) and Oliver Manaout (2 goals) haven’t got enough production to fully produce as they had on-and-off injuries throughout the course of the season. Their midfielders are decent but they need to fuel the attacking front more to help them score.

Record: 12W, 6D, 1L, 36 GF, 17 GA, +19 GD, 42 points, 2nd place

Preseason ranking: 3rd

Phalatis is a strong team and they were slated to be in the top 3 this season. So far, they hold 2nd place and have strung together many good performances, ending the first half with four straight wins. They have the best attacking trio led by forwards Sekou Siyabonga (10 goals), Remy Arsenault (9 goals), and Savas Ozgur (7 goals). Their electric performances have boosted Phalatis and the trio will certainly look to keep Phalatis in the title hunt.

Record: 5W, 5D, 9L, 14 GF, 20 GA, -6 GD, 20 points, 12th place

Preseason ranking: 15th

Phandium has played better than they were expected. FW Demetrios Siderou (7 goals) has been their most valuable player, scoring half of the entire team’s goals. DF David Gillian (2 goals) has been a bright spot in the defense. Although they had their ups and downs, Phandium looks to be competitive and will obviously show it in the second half of the season.

Record: 9W, 6D, 4L, 27 GF, 21 GA, +6 GD, 33 points, 7th place

Preseason ranking: 16th

The newly-promoted Phocenes has been a bright spot and one of this year’s success stories. They were expected to struggle in their return to the Platinum League but instead, they thrived in their new surroundings. Forwards Pavlos Bariades (8 goals) and Yianni Markiadis (6 goals) along with midfielder Akira Takahide (6 goals) have been a major reason to this Cinderella story of football. They have looked highly competitive and even beat top-tier teams like the Tropics. Playing Phocenes in an away game is very daunting as they have been undefeated at home in the first half.

Record: 7W, 6D, 6L, 20 GF, 15 GA, +5 GD, 27 points, 9th place

Preseason ranking: 7th

Piseron has been an upper-middle squad and they certainly look the part despite a few cold streaks. They have a stout defense that has only allowed 15 goals, 2nd lowest in the league. Their offense is decent, with forwards Anwar Moustafa (5 goals) and Thomas Stavrelis (5 goals) as their leading scorers. They will look to boost their offense in the second half to win more.

Record: 4W, 2D, 13L, 13 GF, 30 GA, -17 GD, 14 points, 18th place

Preseason ranking: 17th

For Semaros, they weren’t really expected to make any big flashes in the Platinum League. They finished 17th last year and so far they are fighting to get out of relegation territory once more. FW Hristos Agnakis (5 goals) has looked good for Semaros and provided them with an attacking spark that has mostly lacked throughout the season. They need more from him to get out of relegation territory.

Record: 11W, 5D, 3L, 34 GF, 21 GA, +13 GD, 37 points, 5th place

Preseason ranking: 3rd

Sparta City is one of the top teams in the league and they expect to chase for the top four once again. However, they are currently in 5th and are somewhat overshadowed by the other top teams. Their attacking front is potent and led by forwards Alonzo Vargas (9 goals) and Shaheed Aman (7 goals). They have a great midfield with players like Makis Calides (5 goals) and Thanos Tassakis (3 goals). Sparta City is in the hunt for a Champions League spot, and they will look to fight the top four to budge their way in.

Record: 4W, 3D, 12L, 11 GF, 29 GA, -18 GD, 15 points, 17th place

Preseason ranking: 18th

Stratias was expected to get relegated this season. So far, they have mostly stayed in relegation territory and started off the season with seven straight scoreless games. They have looked better as the season went on, with FW Danill Morakos (3 goals) as their top scorer. Stratias will look to avoid relegation to stay in the Platinum League once more.

Record: 7W, 7D, 5L, 27 GF, 22 GA, +5 GD, 28 points, 8th place

Preseason ranking: 9th

Strathoy is another one of those upper-middle squads with potential to compete against the top. They are also somewhat streaky and have either made huge gains or lost ground with such streaks. Their forward trio consists of Radenko Zoric (7 goals), Minas Spirallis (5 goals), and Efthimios Wood (4 goals), so Strathoy will rely on the three to better their attack and chances of winning.

Record: 3W, 6D, 10L, 12 GF, 25 GA, -13 GD, 15 points, 16th place

Preseason ranking: 20th

Ternate was expected to languish in the bottom of the standings, but they are currently out of relegation territory. The beginning of the season saw them garner a large losing streak until they strung together some wins and draws to get them out of relegation territory. Youngster forwards Chike Mori (4 goals) and Joachim Sarkoglou (3 goals) have impressed, and Ternate will look to build around the two for the future.

Record: 12W, 5D, 2L, 44 GF, 20 GA, +24 GD, 41 points, 3rd place

Preseason ranking: 2nd

The reigining Platinum League champions have plans to defend their title. So far, they need to take down the Tropics, their rivals, in order to successfully defend it. West Sparta has the best offense led by forwards Fernando Aguilar (12 goals) and Basil Costas (8 goals) and midfielders Aslan Demirci (7 goals) and Alexi Papadas (3 goals). DF Paul Hemming (2 goals) has looked amazing in defense. West Sparta will look to kick their offense into a higher gear as they look to retake 1st place from the Tropics.

Best goalkeepers
1. Taylor Heath (KOT)
2. Nasos Rubidis (PIS)
3. Platon Maroglou (PHA)
4. Maxine Besson (COK)
5. Stanis Lucas (WSP)
Best defenders
1. Paul Hemming (WSP) - 2 goals
2. Khazir Khan (KOT) - 2 goals
3. Emiel Snijder (KOT) - 1 goal
4. Harry Gray (STY) - 2 goals
5. Jean-Louis Cochet (SPC) - 2 goals
6. David Gillian (PHN) - 2 goals
7. Vladimir Tarasovich (COK) - 1 goal
8. Juan Pareja (KOT) - 1 goal
9. Javier Alarcon (PHO) - 1 goal
10. Dimos Chronelis (KOT) - 1 goal
Best midfielders
1. Aslan Demirci (WSP) - 7 goals
2. Akira Takahide (PHO) - 6 goals
3. Tekiner Koprulu (KOT) - 5 goals
4. Makis Calides (SPC) - 5 goals
5. Stathis Kosteas (KOU) - 5 goals
6. Alfonso Andrade (CER) - 3 goals
7. Thanos Tassakis (SPC) - 3 goals
8. Alexi Papadas (WSP) - 3 goals
9. Enrico Vecchi (AGR) - 3 goals
10. Preston Laskidis (PHA) - 3 goals
Best forwards
1. Fernando Aguilar (WSP) - 12 goals
2. Louis Androu (AGR) - 11 goals
3. Sekou Siyabonga (PHA) - 11 goals
4. Sergios Anastidis (KOT) - 11 goals
5. Remy Arsenault (PHA) - 9 goals
6. Alonzo Vargas (SPC) - 9 goals
7. Pavlos Bariades (PHO) - 8 goals
8. Asante Koma (KOT) - 8 goals
9. Michel Allard (AGR) - 8 goals
10. Basil Costas (WSP) - 8 goals

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