Trading Cards

Earn Trading Cards by answering issues. Each issue has a chance of granting a new pack!

Junk cards you don't want and receive a small amount of bank by tapping the top flag area!

Buy and Sell cards in the Market!

Gift a card to any nation by paying a transfer fee!

Read more thrilling details in the FAQ!

9.88 Osieana's trades...


Father Knows Best State
Largest Black Market: 588th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 889th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 964th
19.639 billion Draynarians. Sprawling nuclear power plants, ban on automobiles, and parental licensing program.
“Error 564: No Motto Found.”
8.921 billion Anarchists. Public floggings, free-roaming dinosaurs, and suspicion of poets.
Corporate Police State
“Skin on skin, let the love begin”
Most Stationary: 2,811th Largest Populations: 11,569th Largest Gambling Industry: 12,498th
13.043 billion Westmorlandians. Compulsory military service and complete absence of social welfare.
Corporate Police State
“Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense”
Most Stationary: 3,145th Most Ignorant Citizens: 9,634th Most Pro-Market: 10,145th
12.644 billion Duke of Orleansians. Compulsory military service, complete lack of public education, and complete absence of social welfare.
Left-wing Utopia
“Samen werkend aan de Toekomst!”
Most Stationary: 1,576th Largest Populations: 8,283rd Least Corrupt Governments: 13,445th
15.357 billion Herrebrughers. State-planned economy, punitive income tax rates, and devotion to social welfare.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Courage, Duty, Honor”
Most Devout: 1,513th Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 3,142nd Most Efficient Economies: 3,214th
10.915 billion Osieanans. Sprawling nuclear power plants, frequent executions, and national health service.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Future Technology: There Be Stars in Them There Hills!”
Most Average: 1,842nd Most Stationary: 6,778th Largest Soda Pop Sector: 12,279th
9.331 billion Local Cluster Administratorians. Burgeoning space barnacle population.
Capitalist Paradise
“Into the breach! ”
Most Stationary: 8,589th
7.998 billion Comrade 255ians. Compulsory military service and irreverence towards religion.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“I am past scorching”
Most Stationary: 9,195th Most Average: 11,356th Largest Trout Fishing Sector: 16,095th
7.548 billion Ahab revisitedians. Burgeoning white whale population.
Psychotic Dictatorship
“On the sea, H y d r a is glorious.”
Most Ignorant Citizens: 122nd Most Primitive: 300th Most Corrupt Governments: 414th
7.304 billion DharmanPlu. Ban on automobiles, multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, and rampant corporate plagiarism.
Left-wing Utopia
“Prediction is a thing of the past”
Largest Welfare Programs: 2,832nd Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,958th Least Corrupt Governments: 3,392nd
5.975 billion Espeonicans. Keen interest in outer space, punitive income tax rates, and stringent health and safety legislation.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Without a military, we are nothing!”
Most Advanced Defense Forces: 615th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,467th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 2,136th
3.614 billion Imperial People. Museums and concert halls, public floggings, and ubiquitous missile silos.