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LEpedia Earthern Alliance


Motto(English): "Conquer the Universe"
Motto(Kinarian): "ब्रहमांडा वर राज्य करा/Brahmanda var rajya kara"

Earthern Anthem(Linklisten)


Capital city

Largest city

Second Largest city
Mars city

Third Largest city

Fourth Largest city
Haumea city

Fifth Largest city

Official language(s)
Kinarian, English

State level languages
Bluewester, Uttarkinarian

Dysnomian, Laniakean

Ethnic groups
By Location:

32.8% Earthern

25.6% Martian-Northcoastian

15.5% Sednarian-Haumean

12.4% Sirisian-Laniakean

8.3% Dysnomian

1.7% Bluewesterian

0.9% Northcoastian Yajik

0.5% Yajik

1.6% Other

National Religion

Other Religions
Penguinism(7%), Snoism(3%)

National Animal
Solar bear


Crown Democracy

- King
Rutweek Joshi



- Alliance of the Blue Coast
3 November, 1655

- Earthern Alliance
1 March, 1661


- Total area
approx. 320,460 sq mi

( sq km)

- Water (%)
approx. 8


- Estimate

- Census(March-2022)

Current Estimate

- Total
₹232 trillion

- Per Capita


Human Development Index

Solar Galactic Rupee(SGR)

Currency Symbol

Date format

Drives on the

Calling code

ISO 3166 code

Internet TLD

From LEpedia, the Lands End online encyclopedia.

The Intergalactic Empire of Earthern Alliance, commonly known as the Earthern Alliance, is a country primarily located in Land's End in the continent of Amnis, consisting of 10 provinces, each divided into districts, a national capital territory, and various other possessions. The nations is a crown democracy. Each province is managed by a provincial government headed by a District Leader with the Central government, headed by the King and the Prime Minister, running the whole country.

Earthern Alliance is a large and culturally diverse nation and has a land area of 5,15,731 square kilometers (3,20,460 square miles) and a population of 1.86 billion(1860 million or 186 crore). It is bordered to the west by LaSenpo and to the south and southwest by New Trussia. The national capital is Brahmandapur and the largest city is Pune.

Earthern Alliance is the founding member of the Multi-Continental Treaty Organization(MCTO), which is an economic and military alliance in Lands End containing four nations. It is also one of the founding members of the Magnaterran Economic Community(MEC), which is an economic pact in Magnaterra containing 7 members.


The Earthern Alliance is named so, as it was formed as a union or alliance between the kingdoms of Earthia, Sedna, Haumea and Sirisia. Earthia became the most important kingdom and contained the capital, so the new union was named Earthern Alliance.


Independent Kingdoms
The first kingdoms near the Blue Coast emerged around 4900 BC. For centuries, there were many small kingdoms in the area. The northern kingdoms and tribes united in 1028 BC to repel the threat of some invading tribes from the north(most likely Yajik tribes) and formed the Barphatti Confederation. The Barphatti Confederation expanded rapidly and took over most of Blue Coast, the Yjikan desert and the Southwest Amnis Plains, but it started to decline around the sixth century BC and finally broke apart in 252 BC into many small kingdoms. For more than 800 years, there were many small kingdoms who fought for the control of the region, but none of them managed to secure their dominance. By 552, most of these small kingdoms had united to form six major kingdoms in the region - Earthia, Martia, Sedna, Haumea, Dysnomia and Laniakea. These kingdoms remained at relative peace for three centuries, with only a few conflicts taking place between them.

Near the start of the ninth century, tensions rose between Earthia and Martia due to border disputes and control over the Blue Coast. In 843, Snotond(XVI) Joshi became the king of Earthia. Martian forces did a surprise attack against Earthia and captured some coastal villages. In retaliation, Snotond declared war against Martia and positioned his armies to attack Martian cities. Earthian forces invaded and quickly captured the important Martian cities of Phobos and Deimos. The Martian forces grouped together to form one large army which marched towards the Earthian capital, Haveli, but they were ambushed and defeated by Earthian forces who quickly invaded and took over Martia. Till 852, the Earthians had conquered all of the Northern Blue Coast. Snotond declared himself the King of the United Kingdom of Earthia and Martia on 13 February, 852. The kingdoms remained at relative peace for another 400 years.

In 1254, a war broke out between Sedna and Sirisia over a border dispute. Sirisia was initially winning and took over most of Sedna, but their army's advance was stopped when Haumea decided to support Sedna. The Haumean-Sednarian army managed to retake most of Sedna and then launched an invasion into Sirisia after receiving support from Earthia. Sirisia surrendered in 1256 and had to give some territory to Haumea and Sedna. Sirisia then focused on rebuilding itself.

In 1260 , Haumea and Sedna launched an invasion of Laniakea, conquered it and split it between them. They then tried to invade Dysnomia, but were defeated by the Dysnomians. The kingdoms remained at peace for three decades. In 1293, Beettond(XVI) Joshi became the king of Earthia. In 1304, Sedna-Haumea attacked Dysnomia again and won in 1307 after receiving support from Earthia. Dysnomia remained semi-autonomous under Sedna and Haumea.

The four kingdoms remained at peace for 200 years. They focused more on development rather than expansion and science, art, architecture, mathematics and literature flourished during these years. At the same time, Haumea and Dysnomia focused on trade and exploration. In 1310, Haumea created a special naval exploration force to explore the Blue sea to the east. In 1314, the explorers discovered a small island in the Blue sea and named it Chhotabet(Kinarian for 'small island'). The natives there accepted Haumean rule peacefully. In 1315, the explorers discovered an island to the north of Chhotabet, which the native people called Aso(Bluewester for 'eucalyptus'). The native on Aso refused to submit to Haumea and Dysnomian and drove out the explorers. A small Haumean force was sent to the island which defeated the natives and took control of the island.

The island of Aso was rich in natural resources like coal, minerals like iron and copper and also had large nilgiri(Kinarian for 'eucalyptus') forests. Nilgiri leaves were used in the preparation of many important medicines at the time and the nilgiri wood was also the main raw material needed for creating paper. Many Haumeans and Dysnomians came to settle on the island and profited by trading the eucalyptus wood and leaves. The city of Asopolis was founded in 1322, which became one of the largest cities in the Wester Islands later became a big IT hub in the 1950s.

In 1323, the explorers landed on the coast of Wester Island, though they thought that it was another small island and were unaware of its size. They landed at Krufgend and ventured inland by foot to find the other side of the island. However, after searching for two weeks, they realised that they were on an island which was much larger than Chhotabet or Aso. They then returned to Krufgend and after establishing a small village and leaving some forces there, left to explore the coast of this island by sea. Wester Island was also rich in natural resources and minerals like Aso. This interested many Haumeans and Dysnomians who moved in to settle the east coast of the island. They founded the cities of Clickto, Nilashahar and Esaburg.

In 1324, the explorers found the island of Anceron slightly north of Wester Island, which was subsequently settled by Haumeans and Dysnomians. The inland areas of Wester Island were left mostly unexplored and were ruled by tribes and small kingdoms. In 1330, the explorers found two small islands further east of Wester Island. They were called Skotslov and Ilginic by the natives, but renamed Ekatabet and Swarajyabet in 1662. The city of Moticoast was founded on Ektabet, which later became the headquarters of the Royal Earthern Navy. Purvabet Island was discovered in 1332 and settled by 1340. The explorers also found the island of Akanashatanal, which was renamed to Rashtravadbet in 1662.

Yjikan invasion
In 1507, the Yajik tribes north of the Blue Coast united to form the Yjikan Empire. The Yjikans started to expand rapidly and reached the borders of Earthia-Martia in 1516. They started pillaging local villages and forces many people in the region to flee south and west. In response, Earthia-Martia attacked the Yjikans and managed to push them north of the river Pavana, but the Yjikans returned with a bigger army in 1520 and defeated the Earthian army. They invaded and took over most of the coastal region, more than half of Earthia and most of Martia. The Earthians were forces to retreated inland near to the Kuiper mountains to the west.

The Yjikans proceeded further and invaded Haumean territory in 1522 and managed to defeat the combined Haumean-Sednarian army at the Battle of Kwartawun(Quaoartown) and took over most of their lands. The Sednarians retreated inland to the Kuiper mountains. The Haumean army and royal family retreated to the Haumean colonies of Asopolis, Anceron, Clickto and Eastport. With Sedna and Haumea defeated, Dysnomia became de facto independent and remained independent until 1525, when Yjikans attacked and occupied the Dysnomian coast. Sirisia surrendered to the Yjikans without a fight and became a vassal state. The Yjikans ruled over most of the Blue Coast for more than a hundred years.

In 1655, Sno(I) Joshi became the king of Earthia-Martia. He strengthened his army and in a few years proposed the unification of the four kingdoms. The kingdoms of Sedna, Haumea and Sirisia agreed and on 3 November, 1655, the kingdoms united to form the Unified Alliance of the Blue Coast. They merged their armies and attacked the Yjikans, who were overwhelmed by the combined forces of the alliance and were defeated and retreated back to their homelands. The alliance army attacked their homeland and forces the people there to flee east and the Yjikan empire quickly disintegrated. The Alliance conquered some of their lands, but left their homeland as the climate in the region was very harsh. The war officially ended on 12 May, 1660 with the treaty of Haveli.

Modern Earthern Alliance
The Alliance of the Blue Coast was ruled by the kings of Earthia. They were:-
1.Sno(I) Joshi(1660-1685)
2.Sno(II) Joshi(1685-1720)
3.Sno(III) Joshi(1720-1755)
4.Sno(IV) Joshi(1755-1775)
5.Sno(V) Joshi(1775-1815)
6.Bigjadya(I) Joshi(1815-1875)

The Alliance of the Blue Coast was officially renamed as the Unified Kingdom of the Earthern Alliance on 1 March, 1821 as a part of a large scheme of reforms by king Bigjadya(I). It was later renamed as the Intergalactic Empire of the Earthern Alliance by king Rutweek Joshi on 15 October 2014.

In 1875, there was a revolution against the monarchy by Dherimanoviolet Bluebear who was a minister in the government. The Joshi family was forced to give up their power. He ruled until 1890. He was succeeded by his son Dherimanoindigo Bluebear who ruled till 1915. The Dherimanogreen dynasty ruled for 40 years until 1915, when Caperpanjoba Joshi, the great-great-grandson of Bigjadya overthrew Dherimanoindigo in a popular revolt and re-established the Joshi dynasty rule.

The kings of the re-established Joshi dynasty were:-
Caperpanjoba Joshi(1915-1935)
Panminton Joshi(1935-1970)
Hadu Joshi(1970-2007)
Hello Joshi(2007-2012)
Rutweek Joshi(2012 - Present)

Pune remained as the capital of the Earthern Alliance from its formation till 1875, when Dherimanoviolet Bluebear seized power and shifted the capital to Haveli and later to Dherimania(a suburb in Pune). In 1915, Caperpanjoba reinstated the Joshi dynasty and also reinstated Pune as the capital, which then remained as the capital for 106 years. In 2016, the Government decided to create a new capital, whose construction is expected to be completed in February 2022. On 27 January, 2022, the capital was shifted to Suryapur due to the start of a large-scale redesigning and redevelopment program in Pune, intended to improve the overcrowded city's infrastructure.

Brahmandapur was declared as the national capital on 1 March, 2022.


Earthern Topographical Map

Earthern Alliance is a vast nation with many different geographical features. It is protected from the west and south by the Kayparurat range which has prevented the tribes and kingdoms west of Earthern Alliance from attacking the Earthern kingdoms. Most of the Earthern land is covered by plains and is good for agriculture and construction. The Scatterdisc highlands surround the North Haumean cold desert, which lies in their rain shadow.

Earthern Alliance has five seasons -
1.Spring(Vasant) - March
2.Summer(Unhala) - March - May
3.Monsoon or Rainy season(Pavsala) - June - September
4.Autumn(Sharad) - October
5.Winter(Hivala) - November - February

A unique feature of the Earthern climate is the occurrence of the monsoon or rainy season from June to September. During this time, Earthern Alliance receives most of its annual rainfall, which also helps agriculture. The cause of the rainy season are the monsoon winds, which blow from southeast to northwest in summer and northwest to southeast in winter. The monsoons are periodic winds in which the wind direction changes every six months.

Due to the development of a low pressure area over Laniakea, Sedna and Earthia during summer(caused by differential heating of land and sea), the Eartho-Slovakstani winds are drawn towards the northwest direction in summer. They reach the Blue Islands at the start of June, Wester Islands in the second week of June, Dysnomia and Haumea in the third week of June and the rest of Earthern Alliance till the end of June. During winter, the low pressure area shifts towards the southeast and the monsoon winds start to withdraw at the end of September. By the second week of October, they withdraw from the coast of Amnis and by the start of November, from the Blue Islands.

Earthern Alliance has a good environment due to its numerous anti-pollution laws and its membership of the International Climate Treaty. The national animal of the Earthern Alliance is the solar bear, which is abundantly found in most of Earthern Alliance's forests.

Wildlife and Conservation
The national animal of the Earthern Alliance is the solar bear, which is abundantly found in most of Earthern Alliance's forests. The solar bear looks mostly like a polar bear, except that it is a pinkish-red colour, rather than white and is also herbivorous unlike the normal polar bear. There are also many polar bears in the Blue and Wester Islands and also in the Haumean and Dysnomian coasts and parts of Sirisia and Laniakea. There are also many other types of bears in Earthern Alliance. The hunting of bears is prohibited by law and hunting itself is also very rare.


The Earthern Alliance has a population of 1,760,660,560 as per the April 2022 census. The census is conducted each month. The twenty largest cities are :-

Largest Cities



Metro area population







Mars city








Haumea city








Sno city






Wester Islands
























Blue Islands








Wester Islands




















Blue Islands

Main article - Kinarian - National Language of Earthern Alliance

Map of Earthern Alliance with major languages

The Earthern Alliance has two official languages - Kinarian and English. There are also five languages which are official in some provinces. They are :-
1.Bluewesterian in Blue islands and Wester islands
2.Dysnomian in Dysnomia, Sedna, Haumea and Laniakea
3.Uttarkinarian in Northcoast
4.Laniakean in Laniakea
5.West Sirisian in Sirisia

Nearly 90% of the Earthern population is fluent in at least two languages, around 35% in three languages and 12% in more than three languages.

Main article - Hattism - National Religion of Earthern Alliance
The official religion of the Earthern Alliance is Hattism which involves the worship of many gods and elephants(elephants are called 'hattis' in Kinarian) who are considered as a combination of saints and gods(santdevs). Hattoba, Ganpati and Winidapu are the main hattist gods. There are more than 10,00,000 hattighars(hattist temples) in the Earthern Alliance.

Penguinism is the second largest religion in Earthern Alliance with around 7% of the population identifying as penguinists.

Snoism is the third-largest religion which is derived from Hattism and involves the worship of elephants, penguins and polar bears. It regards the polar bears as gods.

The Gregorian calendar is extensively used in the Earthern Alliance for international and working purposes. Most of the festivals and traditional days are celebrated according to the traditional Snocar calendar, although the Pengwin Samvatsar is also sometimes used.

The official calendar of the Earthern Alliance is the Snocar Shakay calendar which a luni-solar calendar having 12 months(mahina), each of 30 days and a leap month every 3 years. The month is divided into two parts(pakshas) on the basis of the change of the shape of the moon. The two parts are called Shukla Paksha(Waxing moon phase) and Krishna Paksha(Waning moon phase).The current year according to the Snocar Shakay calendar is 1943.

The months in the months in the Snocar calendar are :-

Snocar month in Kinarian

Snocar months in English

Corresponding months in Gregorian calendar





































Earthern Alliance has excellent medical services and a very healthy population. The Earthern Government spends more than 12% of its budget on healthcare and the Earthern public healthcare system is the 46th largest in Lands End at 4,939.02 points.

The life expectancy in Earthern Alliance is the 19th highest in the world at 91.57 years, mostly due to the excellent public healthcare system and medical facilities.

Earthern Alliance is also the 19th healthiest nation in the world with each citizen eating more than 15 bananas every day.

Earthern Alliance has a very good education system, which is partly funded by the government. Primary education is compulsory for all children from the age of 3 to 14. Earthern Alliance also has some of the best universities in Lands End like Sno University in Pune, Caperpanjoba university in Haveli, Haumean National University in Haumea city and Kuiper university in Sednopolis. The literacy rate in Earthern Alliance is around 99%.


Main article - List of States and Districts of Earthern Alliance
Political Divisions

Map of the Earthern Alliance with provinces

Earthern Alliance is divided into 10 states managed by state governments and led by the district leader. They are:-
9.Blue islands
10.Wester islands

The Central Government and the King have authority to create new states and merge and reshape existing states.

Parties and Elections
Main article -Central Government Administration
Form of Government
Earthern Alliance is a Crown Democracy, which is a type of government in which the democratically elected representatives of the people form the Government like a Parliamentary Republic, but the power is shared between the Government and the King. The King can outlaw or create any law and is the head of the executive. The Prime Minister is the head of the Government and has nearly equal powers to the King. The President is the nominal head of the Government who does not have much power, though he has more powers than in a Parliamentary Republic.

The Earthern Administration is divided into five tiers(Panchsarkar Raj) :-
1.The Central Government - National level
2.State Governments - State-level
3.Mozilla Parishads - District-level
4.Blog Samitis - Taluka(Tehsil)-level
5.Basket Saptayats - Basket/Village-level

The Earthern Parliament has a bicameral legislature, which means there are two houses of the Parliament. They are :-
1.Mantrimandal(Upper house, Members nominated by King from Samanya Sabha, Strength : 50)
2.Samanya Sabha(Lower house, Directly Elected Members, Strength : 525(Actually 575, as 50 members are then nominated to Mantrimandal(Cabinet) positions))

The party which gets a majority in the Samanya Sabha forms the Government and its head is appointed as the Prime Minister. If no party has a clear majority, the incumbent Prime Minister will continue to hold office until a coalition government is formed.

The elections for the Samanya Sabha are held every 2 years and the party with a majority of seats forms the Government. The major parties are :-

Major Parties

Rank(in Samanya Sabha)


Seats in Samanya Sabha


Bhadade Nak Pact(BNP)



Anti-Snoish Alliance(ASA)



Earthern Development Party(EDP)



Dysnomian People's Party(DPP)



Sirisian Party(SP)



United Bear Party(UBP)



Island Party(IP)


The current Prime Minister is Beet Joshibearia, whose party(BNP) was elected to power in a mid-term general election from 15-20 January 2022, after Dheriman Bluebear's coalition government collapsed due to the other parties taking back their support.
The current Deputy Prime Minister is Sno Joshibearia.
The current President is Hattoba Newarker.
The current Vice-President is Dukku Newarker.

The Earthern Government is the 42nd largest in Lands End.

Major Government Positions


Incumbent Minister

Home Minister

Orange Joshibearia

Foreign Minister

Hello Joshibearia

Defence Minister

Hattu Joshibearia

Finance Minister

Dherimama Bluebear

Space Exploration Minister

Jupiter Solarbearia

Space Research Minister

Saturn Solarbearia


Musk M. Elon

The Earthern law is defined by the Earthern constitution and is required to be followed by the government and the people.

Foreign Relations
Earthern Alliance has good relations with the other countries of Land's End. Earthern Alliance has good relations with its bordering nations.

Earthern Alliance is the founding member of the Multi-Continental Treaty Organization(MCTO), which is an international economic and military alliance involving collective security and mutual defense and currently has 3 members.

Earthern Alliance has the 29th largest foreign aid spending, which takes up about 3% of the government revenue.

Earthern Alliance is one of the founding members of the North Star Alliance(NSA), a refugee supporting organization and contributes most of its foreign aid budget to the alliance(around ₹2..6 trillion). Earthern Alliance has 16,000 military personnel and 8,000 aid workers currently working in the NSA.

Earthern Alliance is the one of the most pacifist nations in Lands End, being ranked at the 10th spot for pacifism.

Earthern Alliance is also a part of the Continental Union along with eight other countries located in northern Amnis.

Government Finance
The Government expenditure is evenly distributed with Industry, Education and Healthcare being the top priorities.
The percentages of Government expenditure are:-
Industry - 19.8%
Education - 15.2%
Administration - 12.9%
Healthcare - 12.6%
Law & Order - 9.6%
Welfare - 9.5%
Environment - 6.2%
Public transport - 5.4%
Social policy - 3.3%
International aid - 2.9%
Defense - 2.8%

The Earthern Government spends nearly half of its budget on industry, education and healthcare.

Earthern Alliance has the 15th most subsidised industry in Lands End at 7,768.66 points.

Earthern Alliance has the 22nd largest welfare programs in Lands End at 3,704.26 points.

Earthern Alliance has the 24th best public transport in Lands End at 2,109.37 points.

Earthern Alliance has the 46th best public healthcare system in Lands End at 4,939.02 points.

Earthern Alliance has the 52nd best public education system in Lands End at 5,967.98 points.


Although Earthern Alliance is a pacifist nation, it has a strong military. The powerful Earthern military is divided into four parts:-
1.Earthern National Army
2.Royal Earthern Navy
3.Earthern Air Force
4.Earthern National Guard

Main article - Royal Earthern Navy Ships
The Royal Earthern Navy is a formidable force and is headquartered at Moticoast in Ektabet island in the Blue islands. The navy controls more than 600 ships in total. According to type of ship, there are :-
7 Fleet Aircraft carriers(+4 in construction)
3 Light Aircraft carriers(+1 in construction)
12 Escort carriers(+5 in construction)
8 Battleships(+1 in construction)
14 Cruisers(+4 in construction)
31 Destroyers(+7 in construction)
42 Frigates(+12 in construction)
67 Corvettes(+13 in construction)
24 Submarines(+6 in construction)
400+ Support ships including patrol boats, minelayers, minesweepers, tankers, oilers and training ships
950+ Aircraft including carrier based fighter and bomber aircraft, carrier and ship based reconnaissance aircraft and scout planes and transport planes
250+ Helicopters including carrier and ship based fighter, rescue, anti-submarine and reconnaissance helicopters

Air Force
Main article -
Earthern Air Force

The Earthern Air Force is very strong and has more than 3,000 aircraft. Most of the fighter, bomber and muti-role aircrafts are manufactured by the Datatype Aeronautical Corporation. Most of the transport aircraft are manufactured by Boeing. Most of the Earthern helicopters are manufactured by. The largest transport planes in Earthern Alliance are DT Boolean Earthmaster planes made by Datatype.

The Earthern Air Force currently operates 3,080 aircraft, 821 helicopters and 567 drones.

Main article -
Earthern Air Force

Old list - 2010
Total - 1,870 aircraft and 461 helicopters
According to aircraft type, there are :-
Fighter, Bomber and Multirole aircraft(1,515)
340 Datatype DT Long A/N(Army/Navy) - Multi-role aircraft
268 Datatype DT Short Teddiabase - Army/Navy Bomber and Multi-role aircraft
523 T-15 Fighter aircraft
161 T-17 Fighter aircraft
119 Datatype DT Char Autoplane - Army/Navy Multirole aircraft
55 Datatype DT Int Numerical - Army/Navy Multirole aircraft
32 T-18 Fighter aircraft
17 T-20 Tournament - Fighter Aircraft
7 T-22 - Fighter Aircraft
Reconnaissance, Transport and Supply Aircraft(355)
99 Datatype DT Boolean Earthmaster Supply and Transport planes
120 Boeing 697 Transport planes
24 Boeing 677 Transport planes
22 Boeing 647 Transport planes
18 Boeing 687 Transport planes
16 Aerospatiale 220 Transport Planes
14 Nord Aviation 230 Transport Planes
12 Sud Aviation 280 Transport Planes
12 ATA Rangada Tanker/Air-to-Air Refueling Aircraft
7 Pichkukisan EastWest Radarjam Electronic Warfare planes
5 Boeing 597 Recon planes
4 Boeing 607 Recon planes
2 Boeing 617 Recon planes
32 HAL Sinha - Light Utility Helicopters
38 HAL Wagh - Light Utility Helicopters
54 HAL Biptya - Utility Helicopters
53 HAL Cheetah - Utility Helicopters
89 HAL Barfabiptya - Attack/Utility Helicopters
87 HAL Jaguar - Attack/Utility/Transport Helicopters
108 HAL Cougar - Attack/Utility/Transport Helicopters
30 DAL Tandul - Light Utility/Transport Helicopters

National Guard

Law Enforcement and Crime
Crime is totally unknown, thanks to a capable police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare.
A large portion of the government revenue is spent on law enforcement and varies between 10% and 12%.


Earthern Alliance has one of the most efficient economies in Lands End, scoring 100.12 points on the Krugman-Greenspan Business Outlook Index.

Earthern Alliance has one of the highest employment rates in Lands End with more than 77% of the population being employed.

Income, Poverty and Wealth
The frighteningly efficient Earthern economy is very strong and the economic output is 284 trillion Solar Galactic rupees a year. The average income is an impressive ₹ 152,559 and is very evenly distributed with practically no difference between the richest and the poorest citizens. The average income tax rate is 68.2%, but much higher for the wealthy.

The Earthern economy is led by the information technology industry with retail, basket-weaving, furniture restoration, timber woodchipping and book-publishing also making major contributions.

The Earthern basket-weaving industry is the third largest in Lands End at 9,013.70 points.

The Earthern furniture restoration industry is the 14th largest in Lands End at 7,079.26 points.

The Earthern information technology industry is the 23rd largest in Lands End at 31,856.65 points.

The Earthern economy is dominated by state-owned industries, which control 73.3% of the economy. The government controls 25.9% and private industries are almost non-existent. The black market is also almost non-existent and controls only 0.7% of the economy.

Earthern Alliance has the 25th highest average poor incomes in Lands End with the poorest 10% of citizens earning ₹101,200.25.

The Earthern Government spends nearly one-fifth of its budget to help the industry and ranks 15th in Lands End for business subsidisation at 7,768.66 points.

The Earthern timber woodchipping industry is the 36th largest in Lands End at 5,638.71 points.

The Earthern retail industry is the 40th largest in Lands End at 13,191.29 points.

The Earthern agricultural sector is good and is among the top 25% of agricultural sectors in Lands End. It is the seventh largest contributor to the economy.

Earthern Alliance is a popular tourist destination in Land's End and receives more than 1 crore (10 million) tourists each year.

Science and Technology
The Earthern Alliance has an advanced information technology industry which is the largest industry in the nation and is a scientifically advanced nation with a very high ranking on the Kurzweil Singularity Index at 455.34 points.

Earthern Alliance is the 21st most advanced nation in the world.

Earthern Alliance has the 37th smartest citizens in Lands End with more than 70 quips being made each hour.

Earthern Alliance is a highly developed nation and scores 88.84 points on the Human Development Index.

Space Program
The Earthern Space Research Organization(ESRO) is the national space agency of Earthern Alliance. It has launched more than 200 satellites till now and is planning to launch its own space station in May 2022. The Earthern Government also supports and funds private space agencies to increase national interest in space.


The Earthern transport network is very good with good rail, road, air and water transport systems. The large cities have efficient tram and bus networks and good quality roads. The inter-city roads and national highways are also very well maintained. Pune, Sednopolis, Haveli, Mars city and Haumea city have large airports and maglev(magnetic-leviation) bullet trains. Sayantist Shastri International Airport will started operations in the new capital in a week.

The Earthern industries' are powered mostly by nuclear energy which accounts for more than 60% of the energy production and 84% of electricity production. Geothermal energy is the second largest energy source, producing around 15% of Earthern Alliance's energy and 10% of its electricity production. The third largest energy source is hydroelectric energy which accounts for 4% of the energy production and 7% of the electricity production. Solar, wind and biofuel energy each contribute to around 4% of the energy production and 2% of electricity production. Petroleum and coal contribute to about 3% of energy production and natural gas contributes around 2%.



The Earthern population is the 19th most compassionate in Lands End at 57.61 points.

The Earthern population is the 20th nicest in Lands End even though only 23 smiles are seen in Earthern Alliance in a day.

The Earthern population is the 40th most inclusive in Lands End at 135.92 points.

The Earthern population is the 40th most compliant in Lands End.

Earthern Alliance is the 32nd safest country in Lands End at 113.10 points.

Literature, Philosophy, and Visual Art
The major religious texts of Hattism are Hattoba Puran, Winidapu Wyakhyan, Ganpati Gita and Hattirajya. They are very famous and most Eartherners have basic knowledge of these texts. The Penguin Pustak is the most famous Penguinist scripture in Earthern Alliance. The Harry Potter books, written by Haweek Poshi and Lord Rutweekmort are also very famous in the nation.

Earthern architectural designs are famous all over the world.

The Earthern cuisine is famous all over Land's End and there are many special dishes produced only in the Earthern Alliance, like pav-bhaji and pani-puri.

Earthern Alliance the largest vegetarian population in Lands End with 100% of the population being vegetarian and the killing of animals for meat being considered immoral by most people and illegal by the law.



The official game of Earthern Alliance is MDH(Multi-Dav Hellomade) UNO.

The most popular game in the Earthern Alliance is MDH UNO, followed by chess, cricket, carrom and cards.
Many other indoor and outdoor games are played in Earthern Alliance, including football, basketball, volleyball, checkers, chinese checkers, hockey, air hockey, hand football, tennis, table tennis, badminton, khokho, kabaddi and dodgeball.

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