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NATIONAL REPORT - February-March 2022


24 February 2022
02:49 AM, Local Time

The town of [City 000028] had commenced the Air Raid Siren Mechanic (ARSM) for the first time in fifty+ years. Due to mandatory lights out, the targets' direct location were uncertain except on radar technology.
After radars were up-and-running the "targets" were identified as four fighter jets of unknown make and origin. As per violating Authoritismian airspace, they were shot down at 02:51.
All fighter jets crashed to the surface but couldn't be located, even with heat-seeking technology.
At 7:30 AM, President Nicholas Sonor briefed the situation and called for a nationwide hunt of the fighter jets, marking a ten-kilometer radius around [City 000028] as the most likely as to where the jets had crashed.
The search was called off at 08:30 PM when twenty kilometer of land around [City 000028] was completely searched, and nothing had been found.

25 February 2022
03:07 AM, Local Time

Sirens commenced yet again over City [000028], this time with radars and heat-seeking technology armed away.
Authoritismian radars detected two fighter jets and an unmanned drone of unknown size, make, or origin.
The drone launched a missile before it could be shot down. The missile collided with into the ground of a field, exploded, and subsequently deforested all vegetation within thirty meters and created a hole estimated to be seven-9.5 meters long.
The drone self-destruct after launching the missile, with only small scraps being left behind.
Just like on February 24, both of the fighter jets were lost after being shot down and have not yet been found.

Nicholas Sonor is yet to speak on these attacks. Theorists claim these attacks are from rebel groups, foreign nations, or other unidentified forces.
27 February 2022

Attack in Authoritism!

Civil clash ensued in [City 000009] over the nationally "legislated" and very controversial 'AUT#3394,' otherwise known as the 'Lights Out Act.' This legislation requires all lights in Authoritism to be off after 20:00 (8:00 PM).
The resulting clash was brief but deadly, eventually ending after fifty-six minutes when the military arrived, using unlethal weaponry to silence the crowds

Riot Casualties:
Civilian deaths: Undisclosed
Police deaths: Undisclosed
Military deaths: 0



Economic growth remains stable, economy expected to hit 250 trillion Authoritism Digital Notes sometime this year.