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The Hatred Never Dies (STORY)

an Authoritismian tale of brutal world conquest


453 CE
The newly-appointed Bruce Solace was eager to begin his rule over the city-state of Ćuthoria. His dreams and ambitions of uniting the entire continent under an Ćuthorian dominance were considered over-ambitious by his nation.
"We need." Bruce mutters, facing the darkness.
His servant/advisor turns around and begins to talk."We need what, my sire? More money? More houses?"
"We need.... to cleanse the uncleaned," says Bruce. "Our glorious nation is but a fragment forged from the ashes of a higher being; a broken world."
"My sire, I do not understand the latter statement." Anxiously announces his servant.
"This I understand," Bruce says. "Ćuthoria is all-consuming, all powerful and all glorious. But there are others. Others who think the same, others who challenge us. This broken world needs an authority who can adequately rule and not collapse like the old Empire."
"Sire," Announces his servant, "I do not want to be rude, but what are you saying exactly?"
Bruce sighs, looks out of his palace, and continues. "We need to expand. For the glory of Ćuthoria, if we can achieve one united peoples, we may bring order to the existence around us."
"Ah," says Bruce's servant, "I see."
Bruce continues, making his plans as he speaks. "I want at least 10,000 men to be conscripted twelve days from now. Establish exactly twenty divisions and official overseers of them. Our first target shall be our long-time ally, Nüjbia. I want all of our existing forces on their border. Now."


453 CE
The Ćuthorian army had mobilized to the East, near the Nüjbian border. The Queen of Nüjbia hadn't suspected any unusual actions, knowing the long and lasting military alliance with Ćuthoria. However, everything changed when 17th Ćuthorian Bow & Arrow division fired upon a valley of peasants working in a vineyard.
The Nüjbian army mobilized fairly quickly, but did not attack. General Xje Hafe of the 2nd Nüjbian Infantry Division greeted the 17th Ćuthorian Bow & Arrow division. Upon identifying himself to the men, Xje Hafe was shot down, naive to Ćuthoria's attempts at attack.
The Ćuthorian Army made their move, advancing into Nüjbian territory and arresting ethnic Nüjbians. The Nüjbian Military retreated back and the Queen of Nüjbia was outraged at the Ćuthorian Army.

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