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Non-aggression Pact Between Authoritism and The Kingdom of New Italy

Non-Aggresion Pact

On December 27th, 2021 CE, an agreement was struck between the two very similar nations of Authoritism and The Kingdom of New Italy. These two very similar nations came to an agreement on behalf of the race to get spies into the other's land. The following terms are listed for the finalization of the non-aggression pact.

1. Both nations will cease the exchange of spies between each other's land.

2. Both nations may not purposely send spies into the other's land to steal, document, or create new information

3. Both nations may not break this non-aggression pact. In the event where one does, all diplomatic relations may be shut down via direct orders from their leader.

4. The treaty between these two nations will expire on December 28th, 2120 CE. On that day, the treaty will be up for renewal between the two nations.

SIGNED BY: Nicholas Sonor, President of Authoritism
Emperor Pietro the First, Emperor of The Kingdom of New Italy